Hi everyone! We are amateur Game Developers, focused on art and code respectively! Being our first Game Jam, Chaos issued often. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy our Game!

Please excuse any broken English.


You play as a small ant gathering gossip by listening to the various NPC that inhabit the Bee Kingdom.

The objective is simply to get to the end of the level and post the latest rumours on the billboard.



  • A/D - Movement
  • Space - Jump (hold space for a bigger jump)
  • Esc - Pause
  • R - Restart level
  • X - Exit

Get to the end of the level by avoiding obstacles and enemies.


Mariana Teixeira [no license is applied].

Maria Laranjo [no license is applied].

Yakov Golman [is licensed under CC BY 4.0].

Zeimusu [is licensed under CC BY OFL].

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  • Nyveon

    Love the style and concept of the game!

    My main feedback is stuff that has surely been said already, but platformer details like coyote jump and input buffering would have been very nice. Additionaly, going straight to start upon death was a bit harsh and checkpoints would have been nice.

    But overall, very well done!

    (Also, your english was fine :D)

  • Tero Hannula

    Ah when I read the title, I thought this would be story-driven game about small world where rumours spread fast, which would have been great idea. Now it was more about platforming, though it was fun to read thoughts of others. Music was pleasant, but jumping was bit irritating. Somekind of other sound effect could have worked or just tune it down (in GMS you can use audio_sound_gain(...) ). Jumping was bit difficult and had many places for easy death, which would have made some checpoints necessary. It was nice entry otherwise :)

    edit. umm. about music, artistic content should be made during GM48 period and I think you cannot use free-to-use music either, expect if they are in Yoyogames marketplace.

  • ceaselessly
    Lv. 8

    I really enjoyed playing this one. It's a solid start for a platforming game with great art. If you're interested in developing it further, I would recommend looking into some platforming mechanics that help make the controls feel a little more responsive, such as coyote timing and input buffering. YYG published a pretty good blog about those things here: https://www.yoyogames.com/blog/544/flynn-advanced-jump-mechanics

    I played this game on my Twitch stream, if you are interested in seeing live reactions: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/602080602

    Your game starts around 54:19! Nice job!

    • fqSake
      Lv. 3
      fqSake Artist of Let There Bee Rumours

      4yrs ago

      Hi, we're happy and thankful you gave our game a try.

      We started looking up some ways to improve the platform experience, and are hopeful our next project and reiterations of this project will fix those issues.

      We will definitely be watching and rewatching your stream once we have the proper time for it. Thank you once again!

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    Nice platformer. The visuals and music are both good. The controls work well and there's a decent variety of items and obstacles to keep things interesting. The difficulty is pretty reasonable, but some checkpoints would have still been nice. I like the idea of trying to gather rumours and it was fun listening to what everyone had to say. I will a little disappointed that you don't get to see the board of rumours you've collected at the end.

    • Maria Laranjo
      Lv. 4
      Maria Laranjo Coder of Let There Bee Rumours

      4yrs ago

      Thank you so much for the feedback. We also think some checkpoints would have been good. The purpose of the rumours were to keep traveling with them, to other levels, and the board was a last minute addition, that would takes us to those next future levels. But now looking back, adding the rumours there ,or even just going back to the main menu would have been better than just exiting the game

  • Chris

    I love platformers, probably my favorite genre so I did enjoy playing this. For the sake of constructive feedback I will say it would be nice to implement fall forgiveness (just after the moment you run off a ledge you are still able to jump despite being in the air), and maybe checkpoints but I like a challenge so I'm ok with there not being checkpoints. With all the gossip I was hoping for a more climatic ending but it's still good.

    • fqSake
      Lv. 3
      fqSake Artist of Let There Bee Rumours

      4yrs ago

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback! We came to the believe that checkpoints would make the game more accessable. Adding a death count would probably help those who like a challenge. And I agree fall forgiveness would have been nice to have.

      We're still pretty new to game design and we spent more time on getting the game to work rather than engaging the player on a fulfilling narrative. Definitely something to improve on for our next Jam.

  • 89o
    Lv. 18

    I like how it gives off an "online metroidvania game" vibe, like Endeavor or Arzea. I thought that respawning the player all the way at the beginning was WAAAAAY too cruel, and quickly lost interest. Checkpoints would've been nice. That's all.

    • fqSake
      Lv. 3
      fqSake Artist of Let There Bee Rumours

      4yrs ago

      I do agree not having some form of checkpoints is cruel to the player. We initialy thought it would be fine as the level was short, but we did realize later on that the player loses frequently.

      Thank you for playing our game and giving us good feedback!

  • illdie
    Lv. 12

    Cute game with a nice aesthetic, I especially liked the player sprite/animations. The text on the signs and the dialogue from other bugs was pretty good, and I liked exploring around a bit. I think the platforming physics and challenges could use some more polish - I think the purple platforms should give the player a small bounce if they're not holding space, instead of having them fall through, for one. Congrats on completing your first game jam! I hope you stick with them in the future!

    • Maria Laranjo
      Lv. 4
      Maria Laranjo Coder of Let There Bee Rumours

      4yrs ago

      First of all we want to thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback, it will definitely help us improve on our game and skills. <3

      The idea of having the purple platforms was too obligate the player to time when he should and shouldn't be pressing space. But with our skill level that does needs to be polished a lot.

      We loved participating this time, so we'll definitely stick around for more XD

  • Happysquared
    Lv. 15

    Really enjoyed the music and the art style. It was very cute. Found it challenging and definitely died a lot. Wasn't sure how to spread rumours at the end of the game as the game closed as soon as I reached the sign "Spread rumours and exit game". Also crashed at the beginning. Really liked the player character. Her animations were adorable. The signs about the spikes were funny and it was nice to run into other insects to hear the rumours. I found the controls a little difficult. I think I'd have preferred arrow keys instead as I'm not very good at using my left hand. All in all though, enjoyed it and felt the art and music worked really well together. Great aesthetic.

    • Maria Laranjo
      Lv. 4
      Maria Laranjo Coder of Let There Bee Rumours

      4yrs ago

      First of all we want to thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback, it will definitely help us improve on our game and skills. And it's really good that you liked our art and animations! <3

      We've never done level design before, so regulating the difficulty was very hard. Also, I'm sorry, since I'm left handed, I never even realized that having the keys only on AD was not very useful, I'll keep that in mind and make sure to add both on a next time.

      The billboard was to signal the end of that level and take the player to the next one. But with lack of time and experience we didn't incorporated it very well. So there is only one level on this build and the game exits abruptly.