Moving, casting a spell, and rotating your character each take a turn.
Entering the next level of the dungeon restores your 3 hearts.
WASD keys to move

YUIOP keys, or mouse to cast spells

Moving the mouse over the spell buttons will show what squares they will affect
Eastern Elements

Fire spells are weak against water monsters

Water spells are weak against earth monsters

Earth spells are weak against wood monsters

Wood spells are weak against metal monsters

Metal spells are weak against fire monsters

(Accuracy subject to bugs)

Dungeon Theme by Volcanic Light

Explosion noises by max5cz assets

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  • Mark L 🌲
    Lv. 5

    While the background did hurt my brain, I think it's really cool what you've done here!

    Took me a while to figure out what to do but I really liked that I had to play tactical to win. Really cool idea!

  • Yosi
    Lv. 46

    Fun little game! I like how all the spells cover different areas around the player, though some were fairly difficult to hit enemies with (especially the fire spell).

  • Allison James

    Immediate thought: the background needed toning down. A lot. 😅

    What I played here was good - it was cool for different spells to have different areas of effect and to have to position myself to make good use of them. Theme was definitely met, and the game generally functioned well. Sound effects and music also fit nicely.

    Good entry!

  • Tydecon Games

    This is an interesting idea, the grid based movement where you initially change direction then move took some getting used to and I think the earth spell is a bit overpowered as I just spammed that one mostly, but I get balancing is tricky within the time limit, but this is a good concept and I think with a little polish around the edges it's a solid entry, good job

  • Richard
    Lv. 7

    The idea is great and I can imagine this can be extended to a good strategy game.

    There are some cons and bugs which make things difficult:

    • at the beginning, the current rotation of the player is ambigious (maybe add eyes to front)
    • better approach would be to wait some time and then make move for one opponent and then for another and so on (if all opponents move at once, it becomes harder for player to make up what just happened)
    • I appreciate adding music to the game, but it was disturbing in my opinion

    Overall, nice entry with cool idea.

  • Travis Pirozzini
    Lv. 4

    I agree with Kukatoo that the strategy element where I can decide to move fast or really plan out my turn is a great feature in this game! Those creepy eyes blinking at me as I descend deeper into the dungeon is a very nice touch.

  • Kukatoo
    Lv. 3

    I like the level of complexity of this game. You can take time to really think about your next move or plow right ahead depending on how you want to play. The difficulty makes it pretty satisfying when you overcome a group of enemies. My biggest complaint is one of user friendliness. I can hover my mouse above an element to see the squares it affects, but I must return my cursor to the playable grid before the game will let me preview another element. This is confusing and inconvenient when I want to quickly view my options for spells. Additionally, I think the game would benefit from a grid size that matches player movment so I can easily tell how many moves I am away from the staircase. A small detail: the color of the "Slautered:" text in the upper left is not easily distinguishable from the dark gray surrounding it and can be easily overlooked.