Collect elements from ADJACENT tiles and then cast spells to help you obtain the ultimate wizard crystal before your opponent!

Movement: A,W,S,D
Action button: Left-Shift
Casting button: Num 1

Movement: Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys
Action button: Num 0
Casting button: Delete

My First Game Jam!!
Created as a team of two:
Travis - Coding
Haydn - Art/Animation

Some known bugs (there are many!)

  • Win screen won't display sometimes when a wizard ends on the power crystal.
  • Yellow spell allows a wizard to move to a tile that doesn't exist. Tile pickup adjacent logic will revert back to previous tile.

    This was my first gamejam and proved to be very difficult for me! I hope you can get a feel for what I was going for despite being unfinished and buggy. I had a great time making it! I wish I had enough time to add some sound effects - next time :) Thanks for playing!
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  • 2102

    Kudos for finishing a game in just 48 hours. It's a feat in and of itself. The concept works fairly well, but the execution left a few things to be desired. a full screen option would be nice, and also the characters would sometimes just stop doing anything except for walking around. I cast 1 spell each and then the first player couldn't do anything else after that, so I was stuff until I hit another array indexing error. I think this could be good with some quality of life improvements to consistency and some bug fixing.

  • Chris Bradel

    Good start! I was certainly intrigued by the look and feel, depite having to dodge a few crashes. Looking forward to what game you make next time!

  • Tydecon Games

    I think I really struggled getting to grips with this one, for some reason my keys weren't responding to the situation, I think some keyboard prompts might have helped here. I will need to revisit and give it another go but it's a great foundation to expand on, the ideas are all here :) brave doing an entirely two-player game for a jam and it needs a little tweaking around the edges but it's a good start to build upon

    • Travis Pirozzini
      Lv. 4

      Thanks - I appreciate that! I started programming a year ago and always wanted to do a gamejam! I hope this was the first of many.

      If your keys weren't responding it was probably the awkward diagonal movement (yellow casting). You have to click ex. UP + RIGHT at the same time... its really clunky, but I found that if I click this combination twice in a row, it usually works. I'll need to come up with a better way to achieve this in an updated version though.

  • Batboy
    Lv. 7

    I could see this becoming something quite interesting if you keep working on it after the jam.

    The keys you picked for the controls are a bit awkward, so I had to keep referring back here as I played. Also, I might be wrong as I played this on my own, but it seems to me that as things are right now, the player that goes second has a significant advantage because they get to respond to the actions of the first player. I'm not sure how you'd fix that in local multiplayer, but it would be a non-issue if the game was online.

    Either way, good effort! Congrats on finishing your first jam!

    • Travis Pirozzini
      Lv. 4

      A lot of the awkwardness came from dialing back what I was trying to achieve as the gamejam went on. I think I spent about half a day just trying to figure out how to mark the current tile active in relation to the new adjacent tiles as the wizard casts spells :P.

      Original concept was that each wizard could pick up an element from any adjacent tile, but also move to any adjacent tile. And that element picked up would be hidden from the other wizard until casting.

      I really appreciate how supportive this community has been so far! Thank you for your feedback!

  • Richard
    Lv. 7

    Nice logic game with cool idea.

    Some tips:

    • the game resolution is small and fullscreen is not available, so the screen is too small
    • it should be enough to press left/up/right/down arrow key to move to the correct square if available, don´t let the players to do this because players are inaccurate :)
    • placement of the spells could be more flexible (because now player 2 is only able to swap places at the beginning if I understand correctly), maybe allow to move to more squares or choose not to use the current spell
    • fix bugs which you have already mentioned in the description
    • EDIT: the controls are confusing, since numkey is used for two different purposes (one player casts with it and the other one uses it for movement)

    Congratulations for your first entry and thanks for submission.

    • Travis Pirozzini
      Lv. 4

      Great point about the screen resolution! It's on my list for post-jam updates. Yeah, the initial idea was that the cards would shuffle and layout randomly each game. This would help with balancing the game, but I ran out of time to implement it. Thanks for all of this feedback - I really appreciate it!

  • Brian LaClair

    Congrats on your first jam! I played around with this for a while and think I see where you're going with it - and I like that direction!