This adventure puzzle game takes place in the Kingdom of Logic.

You play as warrior Jack and your goal is to kill two remaining monsters which occupy the kingdom. In order to do that, you must defeat other warrior William in spell casting duels, who is willing to do anything to win. The game will reveal the rest of the story.

Tip: use your spells wisely :)

Controls: mouse clicks are enough

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  • 2102

    So, I like the logic puzzles (I was already very aware of how this puzzle worked, so it would've been nice to be able to skip through the tutorial and/or speed up the text), and the story/cutscene integration is cool. It looks like the fuzziness of the graphics is probably due to Interpolation being turned on in the settings. That'd be my guess anyways. Once you know how to win and you play 1st or 2nd depending on if the starting number is even/odd and how many heads you can take away each time, it's impossible to lose. So, the second battle, you're literally given the advantage once again like you were in the first battle. I love this logic puzzle, so I love that it was put in the game, but it definitely needed more depth to be a true puzzle game.

  • Mavvy
    Lv. 2

    I really like the premise and story in this game. The problem solving aspect has a decent challenge and I think you can definitely squeeze a few more levels out of that concept.

    One thing I will say is, the game could use some sound. The voices were enough to audibly distinguish the spells from one another, but I think there’s real potential for an interesting soundscape in this world.

    Really cool stuff, especially in 48 hours!

  • Villany
    Lv. 6

    I enjoyed the logic in this game. It reminded me of some games like this that I've played with my family. I do agree with other people that the text could have been a bit faster with maybe an option to skip it because the actual puzzles were moreso what I played it for, and those were a lot of fun.

    Overall, a fun logic game with an entertaining story to go with it. Great work!

  • Travis Pirozzini
    Lv. 4

    I'll admit that took me quite a few tries to win haha - fun game and great job! As others mentioned, quicker text and sounds effects would be nice, but the actual puzzle gameplay was perfect!

  • TibiSoft
    Lv. 4

    I enjoyed this little story based logic puzzle game, congrats. I was following a story and suddenly realized I am playing it, smooth transition from story to tutorial, and to a game itself. :)

    I would just repeat the others, sound effects and some music would help to improve the overall impression, but considering a 48h it is already good enough.

  • Tydecon Games

    I liked the way it taught me a logic puzzle, a classic piece of logic presented in a very interesting, story driven way, that was a unique take which I enjoyed. I would only say that the text should be skippable or at least able to speed it up as it is a slow slog to get through some of the story - I also think some sound effects or backing music might have made the story part feel more whimsical, though I understand time is a factor - it's a solid foundation and I feel like I've learned something so good job

  • GoblinBoy

    Really loved the quirky dialogue and theming around the puzzle.

    Having said that the text that just exists to explain the puzzles could have been trimmed down a lot considering how short they actually are to play.

    All in all a great little jam game

  • Kukatoo
    Lv. 3

    I don't recall ever doing a logic puzzle like this before. I think it does really well as a game mechanic and is well executed. The written story also provides context for the game mechanic nicely. Here are some things I think are worth adjusting:

    • Game resolution. On my 1080p display the game was quite fuzzy. I suspect that the game resolution does not divide evenly into 1920x1080.

    • Ditch the installer. Most people don't really want to run an installer for a game of this size. I would keep it as a simple executable.

    • Audio. Even if it's not music, I think some additional audio cues would be helpful. Perhaps a magical casting sound or sword sound during the severing of the heads would add to the experience.

    Just a personal preference, but I always think text typewriter effects look nicest when the words don't change location as they're being typed out. Check if the word is sufficiently long to require wrapping to the next line before drawing it out to achieve this.

    • Richard
      Lv. 7
      Richard Coder of The Kingdom of Logic

      1yr ago

      Thanks for feedback :)

      The resolution is 256x256 because I wanted to get bonus xp for "lowres" optional challenge.

      I meant to make an executable file but I chose installer by mistake and by the time I realized this it was already past deadline.

      More audio and text-wrapping checker are definitely good ideas.

  • Brian LaClair

    I thought the art and concept of the game were great! The story was a great one.

    My one suggestion would be to make the text faster, or able to be filled instantly by holding down the mouse button - it took a long time to get through the (great) dialog!