Entwined is a cute puzzle game about two cute lovers who help each other across 18 levels of flipping colors!

This is my very first GM48 Jam entry and I almost ran out of time and missed the submission deadline. But I managed to submit with 5 minutes to spare. Sorry about the bugs you might encounter.


WASD to Move ( Should be Arrow Keys too, but I apparently forgot to add that even though it says Arrow Keys in the Game, Sorry!)

Space to Switch Characters R to Restart Escape to Exit


Lazertrax - Code/Design/Graphics

Hope you enjoy playing!


The Jam version has a bug where you won't be able to progress beyond level 16. I've uploaded a fixed version to "itch.io" I strongly encourage you NOT to rate it based on the fixed version but still you can check it out if you want to experience the remaining levels! By clicking here!

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