Left Mouse Button - Tongue Right Mous Button (Hold) - Jump/Swim Alt+Enter - Full Screen Spacebar - Pause

Eat flies to grow and gain stats.

The game does have winning condition (or two).

There is an edge case that can crash the game and there is no in game exit so Alt+F4 may be your friend.

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  • baku

    🐸❗ 🐊



  • Tydecon Games

    A very zen kind of game with some well thought out upgrades and ways to play, I enjoyed this, I did however stumble across a big where I got caught under a tadpole and it froze up, but other than that, this was a fun entry, good job :)

    • Scott Richards
      Lv. 21

      Thank for playing and sorry about that bug. I had come across it twice in testing, but had trouble trying to reproduce and debug the issue. It probably has to do with the state machine I duck taped together. I appreciate the feed back!

  • Happysquared
    Lv. 15

    I liked the variety in the art of the different platforms you could jump on. As I went into the game without knowing much, the upgrade screen that appeared was also a pleasant surprise - the game was much more than just hopping and eating flies. I appreciated the options presented to me. I did find sometimes I would get the same upgrade choices however which felt a little limiting. I think it is nice the game introduces new challenges such as the alligator the more you play. I think it would be helpful if danger was signalled a little better. I died kinda far into a game because I wondered what touching the edges of the screen did. The border didn't look particularly dangerous. I'm not sure if that danger really served a purpose unlike the alligator. The alligator made more sense to me, it definitely incentivised me to keep moving, adding another challenge to the game. I did end up dying to it because I didn't realise at first it could still catch me though I wasn't in the water. Maybe I should have figured it out from seeing the alligator chase me. I noticed at a certain point lilypads were also disappearing from beneath me though I wasn't entirely sure why. Anyway, those were my major criticisms. Overall, the game was satisfying and really easy to just pick up and play. The different platforms you could jump on also added a nice variety and it was cool to see the frog grow bigger and see more of the map.

    • Scott Richards
      Lv. 21

      Thanks for the feedback! I agree with all of your criticisms they are really on point. Some of the issues came down to running out of time. Duplicate power offerings and making the edges look more dangerous were two of those. My wife even created a few art assets for that purpose (Toxic barrels and dead fish), but I wasn't able to get them put in on time. The lillypads will start to sink depending on the size of the frog and size of the lillypad. I wanted to increase the difficulty as you grew to offset the improvements you received, but you are right it wasn't indicated indicated at all. You can press F2 to see some additional debugging info like the time it takes to sink a lillypad in addition to the scale of the frog. (I forgot to remove my debugging keys. F1,F5-F10 and Numpad +/- also do things for anyone reading this that wants to mess around) In retrospect I wish I would have dynamically informed the player once they reached the appropriate size so they would be aware of what was happening. I think I did a decent job indicating things at the start, but this is where I dropped the ball. Thanks for pointing this out, I appreciate your feedback and will try to keep it in mind for future games.

  • Patrick
    Lv. 13

    Awesome game accross the board, art was especially nice🙂

  • GoblinBoy

    Very satisfying little game. I found it super easy to understand and play.

    Great job!

  • Team Seguin
    Lv. 2

    Fun and interesting. It was good at what it did.