Henry the Frog is a game about a frog clerk being assigned by his boss to clean up the forest so a withering tree can grow again. It's your job to clean up the trash and bring together the community to grow a tree.

There are 5 heart thumping adrenaline fueled levels filled to the brim with trash to clean. Have fun!


It's our first game jam so we overscoped the game a bit and had to scrap a few characters but it should still be a fun little experience.

Please leave some feedback!

Movement: WASD - Arrow keys
Jump: Z - Space - MB1
Talk: X
Travel: W - Arrow UP

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  • Nyveon

    For a first game jam game, that was fantastic. Felt very complete! Way batter than my first game jam game. Great art (very reminiscent of 90s era PC games), good platforming (not too challenging nor too easy) and funny characters.

    My main feedback would be the lack of sound, it is a whole category in the ratings unfortunately.

    Really well done!

  • Tydecon Games

    I like the characters, the graphics have a unique style to them. I found the controls a little unintuative, in that I have to press "W" to move to a different area, even if the area is to the left or right of where I was, but that aside, I liked what you were going for here, good idea and good concept

  • SwiggityCricket
    Lv. 6

    Cute little game! Definitely could have used some sound. Controls were a little wonky (jumping felt way too floaty, pressing "up" to go to the "right" or "left" rooms was strange) but the core game was there for sure.

  • Chris

    The characters were good, Henry is great and I like that he holds a briefcase. I feel like the game could have used some hazards or enemies. Sound effects or music would be a great addition. This is a really ambitous game with a lot of content though so well done

    • GoblinBoy
      GoblinBoy Developer of Henry the Frog

      3yrs ago

      Glad you liked it! We didn't really want to add any "violence" to the game so we left out any sort of enemies. That being said having more interesting challenges and elements to interact with would have been a welcome addition.

      Definitely going to have to keep our ambition in check for next time!