Rise Rhythm is a growth-based rhythm game inspired heavily by Rhythm Heaven Fever.

If you were to play only one or two of any of the three stages, please play Grow Bro and Grow No., as Grow Show is actually scuffed. Thank you. (It is impossible to get a perfect on Grow Show. It is hilarious though)

The intent is that you play without the visual aid (the timing circle), however it can be very difficult to learn the correct beat locations the first time you play a stage. We recommend that you play through the stages with the visual aid ON first, then go back and play with it OFF.

There is a latency slider that you can adjust to compensate for visual latency. The default is +80ms. Feel free to adjust this to suit you system's particular latency.

All assets except the three fonts listed in the credits were developed during the 48 hours alloted in this game jam. All music, sound effects, and sprites are original creations.

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