Good evening,

It's all just a dream. But you still need to defend yourself against monster.
Someone or something will help you kill enemies, and by picking up the shards they leave behind, you can increase this entity's power and abilities.
Don't expect to win right away, only after enough growth you might stand a chance.


  • 7 different arenas
  • 6 types of enemies with individual behaviours
  • Unlimited upgrades
  • Saving!
  • An ending
  • Absolutely no bugs
  • A Meta Soundtrack made half asleep for increased coherence
  • Sounds that may be too quiet if you never thought jam games contained the loudest sounds on earth
  • Toggleable fullscreen
  • No twist
  • 6 colors


Movement - WASD or ZQSD
Fire - LMB
Dash - Spacebar
Grenade - Hold LMB + RMB to charge, and release to throw.

Windows size down / up - F3 / F4
Also you can fullscreen with alt+enter.


  • At first you can only attack with the orb
  • Make sure to get the shards
  • Getting the ability to shoot isn't too hard, but after that you should invest in you new options before trying to upgrade your basic attacks a lot
  • You can risk no picking up shards to increase the probabily of enemies dropping more
  • The longer you charge, the farther the grenade will get
  • Shoot a grenade to nudge it in the right direction!
  • Also, since killing enemies with explosion is harder, shards are guaranteed to drop if you kill them that way
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  • Nyveon

    Gameplay is very fun and innovative, love it! Quite challenging in the later rounds, still haven't finished it since it's super close to the rating deadline, but will definitely be finishing it after.

    Others have brought it up, but definitely the initial grind would be my main feedback.

    Overall, well done! :D

    EDIT: Finished the game after falling asleep 48 times! That was very fun :)

  • baku

    God I wish this wasn't balanced as badly as it is, because the idea is pretty neat for a jam-game at least, getting stronger every time you die so you want to keep playing to see how strong you can get! Unfortunately it takes so long to buy new upgrades, since I kept dying after only collecting a couple shards, that I quickly got tired of the game and only kept playing for as long as I did because I normally love your games XD

    Maybe I just really suck at this, or bought upgrades in a bad order 🤔

    Some tiny changes that I think would make this much more enjoyable:

    • Make bullets much faster. It's impossible to shoot some of the faster enemies without leading the target which is very hard (see the point below), or just spamming in the general direction and hoping for the best.
    • Make the bullets spawn from the player instead of the orb. The facts that my bullets constantly spawn from a different positions feels very wrong, and fucks with my ability to line of shots.


    • Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa Coder of The Thing From Your Dreams

      3yrs ago

      Yeah I think it's mostly the order of upgrades. I definitely didn't have time to playtest this enough to get it balanced. Basically the game opens up a lot once you kill one of the "bosses" (so, laser guy or the big one). So at least after buying the dash to survive the laser. There should have been more step to unlock different upgrade instead of just having everything at once, but yeah, time.

      I think the optimal order would be like shots > dash > shots or contact dmg +1 > grenades

      Shooting from the orb was kinda the point so I'll look into making the bullets a little faster. What I found interesting while testing the game was that instead of using the mouse to give a direction, I ended up pointing where I wanted the shots to land, since that way it's not affected by the orbit.

  • Tydecon Games

    This is a good, simple idea that was nicely executed. I do feel it took a while to get the first shoot ability and the game might be a bit easier being able to have the first shooting unlocked from the start as it was a little hard-going to begin with, but once I got the gist of it and got a few more abilities unlocked, I was enjoying myself with this one so good job! :)

  • kris24

    Well I made it to the end, but it took me a loooooong time haha. Probably over an hour I think. I'm just that bad I guess. Fell asleep 209 times. Really good game, a bit frustrating at first and then later as my own incompetence caused me to fail. But the gameplay was solid, the balance really quite good, and the art and sound while maybe not the absolute best, were well suited for the game and read clearly, which is the most important. Nice work!

  • Chris

    It was fun upgrading the dude and making it farther each run. Simple gameplay done right

  • xEVANZx
    Lv. 2

    Nice game!! It takes a while to grow strong to make a difference but I make it. Graphics were basic but serve the purpose. Maybe add an infinite mode to play. Add music to shots & enemy deaths would be a good step forward.

    Overall basic but very good game!!

    Deep coma!

    Deep coma!

    • Fachewachewa
      Fachewachewa Coder of The Thing From Your Dreams

      3yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback.

      There is music & sfx, but most of the time games are way to loud for me (my windows volume is a ~50%) so maybe the game is too quiet for most people 🤔