Clocktease 3- Double Teamed

Clocktease 3- Double Teamed

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When Sherman and Coulson are captured by the nefarious Clocktease they decide they won't just sit there and take it. Instead, they come together to double team their foes in this unique arcade shooter.


WASD: Move Sherman the Tank

Arrow Keys/ Numpad 8/4/5/6: Move Coulson the Shield

Space: Shoot with Sherman the Tank


Try to score as many points as you can within the time limit of 60 seconds! Shoot enemies with Sherman to kill them and gain points, but be careful- get hit and you lose time!

Use Coulson to block enemies and their bullets! Sherman can shoot through Coulson, so quickly line up shots of foes for safe points. Coulson can also be used to collect helpful powerups, including a time bonus, extra points, and even a short time of invincibility for Sherman. Note that Sherman can't collect these powerups.


Main Menu Gameplay Gameplay


Code and Sound: Henry Haak

Art: Ross Boman

The project file is available for anyone who is interested!


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