Dawg of the Dead

Dawg of the Dead

  • Luke Peña
  • 1 year ago
  • 9th


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The zombie apocalypse is here, and the only ones who can stop it are you and your dog! But mostly just your dog.

You have no weapons yourself and can only run around to avoid being bitten. But you can shout out commands to your faithful companion - "come", "heel", "dig", "run" - to get your dog to move around the arena and dig up graves to find power-ups.

Your dog is also equipped with a giant cannon! Aiming and firing this weapon is not as easy as it seems, and accidentally shooting yourself is just as dangerous as a zombie's bite!

!!! WARNING !!! The game does contain lots of exploding zombies, limbs, and general bloody mayhem.


At the top of the screen is your health bar. Shooting yourself or being bitten reduces your health. A zombie's bite will also infect you, filling up the bar from the left with green.

If you run out of health, you explode. If your infection level reaches your current HP, you get zombified.


Some zombies leave behind gravestones. Commanding your companion to "dig" will cause your dog to run to the nearest tombstone and dig it up, revealing a random power-up. All power-ups last 10 seconds.

  • Shotgun { fire three shots at once }
  • Serum { gain resistance to the zombie infection }
  • Auto-aim { the cannon now aims at the enemy nearest to the doggo }
  • Health Pack { heals 10 HP }


Use of a gamepad is recommended! Holding down on the commands like "COME" will increase the radius in which the dog will hear you.

Gamepad controls:

  • Move = left control stick
  • Start = start
  • Exit = esc
  • "COME" = A
  • "RUN" = B
  • "DIG" = X
  • "HEEL" = Y

Keyboard controls:

  • Move = arrow keys
  • Start = enter
  • Exit = esc
  • "COME" = S
  • "RUN" = D
  • "DIG" = A
  • "HEEL" = W


The music is by Ozzed, which you can find with a quick Google search.


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