Petting x You

Petting x You

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Petting x You

It's good to have a loyal companion in life, especially when visiting the world's most aggressive petting zoo

Choose the pet that will save you from goats and pigs as you struggle to keep it from going hungry.

Build up your highscore and compare it with the other millions of players around the globe.

Move with WASD, Confirm with Space, Restart with ESC

Green BOI +1 Gif
Fish with ARMS

Fish with arms masterrace


Fish with ARMS 1st Place: StereoJunkie [1155]

Green BOI 2nd Place: Prob [1150]
Blue Hedgehog 3rd Place: Tom [950]

Blue Hedgehog

If you beat the highscore, send us a message on discord at Theodorus#3166 or Problematicar#2678 !

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  • Tero Hannula

    Hi, I liked the music. Graphics on gameplay were bit simplistic, but it worked alright. I liked that you didn't put just basic movement toward to the player, which usually can be seen in GMS games. In these kind of games, enemies just approach directly at you with static speed. In your game animals have a bit more random movement, and also make spurts, which gave hectic times, will they catch you or not? It made gameplay more fun. Overall it was nice game, and had theme present.

    • Problematicar Problematicar
      Level 36

      I'm gonna share my movement secret with everyone: do exactly the same thing you would do for enemies that move directly at you with basic speed, but update it on a timer and use random coordinates around the player instead of its x and y. Use random for the speed too, and boom, pigs and goats.

      Thanks for the nice feedback ❤

  • Mind's Mirrors

    The summary implies that the goats and pigs are just trying to pet you but they really just trample you in the attempt. Hilarious, awesome, and a pretty fun game to play. I do like the score system and i like how they companions have different stats. The gameplay felt pretty solid too. The music is pretty cool. I also totally dig the fish with arms sprite! The image on the title is cool but the sprite is great! I totally enjoyed playing this game. Nice work dudes!

    • Problematicar Problematicar
      Level 36

      The Summary is inspired by The Office

      Thanks so much for the really nice compliments, receiving positive feedback on both art and gameplay is quite rare for me so I appreciate this very much.

      The fish with arms is undoubtedly the best character too, so I know you have great taste.

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 60

    Petting Zoo... I mean, Petting You has an interesting premise as you can have 3 different companions to sslaughter the farm animals. It has a specific charm to it, and I just love how you dealt with the lack of sprite animations by playing around with how the layer "shakes". The animals, including your companion, feel to have lives on their own! Which is great.

    ...up until you get into balance issues.

    • First of all, the way the companion moves makes it rather random and frustrating to kill the dangerous animals. You're often left whimpering "come ooooon", circling around until the farmy finally gets to you.
    • Especially with the fish with arms, who's so slow. The blue hedgehog is quick, but it seems that he doesn't give you as much score? Which makes sense, cause he has no troubles to kite the enemies.
    • Problematicar Problematicar
      Level 36

      By this point Kwis you should know I'm an expert in lazy animation.

      For the balancing I tried to make it more obvious how the pet targets enemies in the tutorial, but we didn't have enough time to make one of those good tutorials that don't use text and literally explain everything to you.

      Also Fish with Arms masterrace, I accept all feedback equally, but you can't diss my fishboi.

      And he's stronger than any other fish I've seen in any dream sequence involving wool, just saying

    • StereoJunkie StereoJunkie
      Level 4

      >>-First off, thank you for playing. Had to squeeze one of them cheeky thank you's in here. We knew the fish would be hard to play because it is so slow, that's why we added a middle ground (good boi) and a 'starter' poke- uh pet (blue hedgehog). So to make sure people from >>every skill levels can have fun we made the fish harder to use. > -Also no hedgehog doesn't have different scoring system, clearing enemies is just slower with the blue hedgehog.

  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend Level 15

    Didn't know it was possible to be afraid of sheep and pigs! :( Very cool, polished little game. Art and music was great! I wish there was little bit more gameplay though. Other then that, excellent use of theme and job well done!

    • Problematicar Problematicar
      Level 36

      As usual we ran out of time, but there was a whole leveling system planned out, and the score system is kind of a remnant of that.

      Also thanks for saying the art and music are great, this is my first jam focusing on something other than coding ❤