Petting x You

Petting x You

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Petting x You

It's good to have a loyal companion in life, especially when visiting the world's most aggressive petting zoo

Choose the pet that will save you from goats and pigs as you struggle to keep it from going hungry.

Build up your highscore and compare it with the other millions of players around the globe.

Move with WASD, Confirm with Space, Restart with ESC

Green BOI +1 Gif
Fish with ARMS

Fish with arms masterrace


Fish with ARMS 1st Place: StereoJunkie [1155]

Green BOI 2nd Place: Prob [1150]
Blue Hedgehog 3rd Place: Tom [950]

Blue Hedgehog

If you beat the highscore, send us a message on discord at Theodorus#3166 or Problematicar#2678 !


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