Amnesia Knight

Amnesia Knight

  • Vinnie // Bacon // Buttons
  • 1 year ago
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Medieval Pseudo-Coding Action!

Join forces with a hero's fairy to help him out of the dungeon. Give him a list of commands and watch and see if he's smart enough to figure out. Keep it simple, he's suffering from a head wound!

Collect all the apples as a bonus challenge!


Type commands with your keyboard. Press enter to submit them. When you've built up your command list the way you want it, type and submit "go" to see how well you did. Click on a command to remove it. Commands that don't make any sense to the hero are ignored.

Use the mouse to click on menu items and to discover the name of objects.


turn / face / look dir - turn to face a given direction

walk / move dir - walk one tile towards a direction

jump dir - jump two tiles towards a direction

wait / stop - do nothing

wait for / stop at obj - do the previous command until obj is seen

take / pickup / grab item - put item into inventory

use - use current item in inventory with object one tile ahead

repeat num - repeat the previous command num of times


Hover your mouse over your character every level for a hint about how to proceed. Check the command list above for detailed explanations of how each command works.


Known Issues

  • lol gates don't block you at all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ whoops, have fun (you can still pretend they do though)

  • don't use repeat after a jump

  • tutorial repeats on first stage if the stage is failed, sorry

  • jumping after landing in water crashes the game

If you like the game and want a better experience,

please try the bug-fixed version on!


      Coding ~ Vinnie
         Art ~ Bacon
       Music ~ Buttons

  Vocal Work ~ Ethan Harp, voice actor for an award winning video game
Play Testing ~ Wade


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