• Shooter
  • Rohbert
  • 7 months ago
  • 38th


BFF BFG A Game made for GM48 October 21, 2018

Game by Rohbert

Graphics by Sushi Dragon

Font by NAL

Control your ship with WASD Press Space to Shoot Press Z to scale window size Press Backspace to restart game

Shoot enemies, avoid walls, attach friendly ships to yourself. Survive as many waves as possible.

Sorry for no sound :(


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  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend 15
    7 months ago

    I loved this! I got to wave 47. My mass of ships just wasn't a match for the enormous worms that spawned.

    Throw in some new enemies and ships and you got yourself an awesome little arcade game here.

    Well done!

    • Rohbert Rohbert
      Rohbert 11 Manager

      Thanks for the tips. I think I do want to keep working on this and maybe release a more complete version.

  • Steinzer
    Steinzer Steinzer 10
    7 months ago

    There's something satisfying with the explosion animation as well as how the bullets and enemies move. They're so smooth.

    Also, I really love the font. It matches the player and enemy sprites' rounded-ness really well.

    • Rohbert Rohbert
      Rohbert 11 Manager

      You can thank Sushi Dragon for the cool little alien graphics. He did a great job with short notice even. Thanks for playing my game!

  • abso1ution
    abso1ution abso1ution 6
    7 months ago
    • Rohbert Rohbert
      Rohbert 11 Manager

      Wave 43! wow. Not even I got that far. Its great seeing your ship so big..unfortunately, the waves get impossible. Maybe I will add more powerups to combat these crazy wave. Thanks for playing!


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