Fancy Fortress

Fancy Fortress

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  • 1 year ago
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Fancy Fortress

Defend your fortress from snails, bombs and turtles by drawing obstacles on the ground. How many waves can you survive?


  • Press or hold RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to walk.
  • press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to draw.
  • Use the NUMBER KEYS to select color.
  • Press ESCAPE to pause.
  • Press R to restart the level or restart the game if you’re holding down shift

Technical Info:

There are three different colors you can use to defend your fortress. Each with their own abilities and weaknesses.

  • The red strokes damage and slows down enemies that thouches them.
  • The blue strokes act like walls and makes explosive enemies explode.
  • The yellow turret shoots at all enemies in it’s range. But it explodes if it gets in contact with one.

Enemies are immune to defenses of the same color. They are also immune while standing in dark ink.

If you are up for a challenge, pick the endless mode in the main menu and survive as many waves as you can.


  • Programming - Ivar
  • Music - Knutone
  • Artwork - Knutone and Fred

Huge thanks to ”llemeliell” for drawing the title screen art!

Known bugs:

  • send us feedback if you’ve found any bugs or glitches.


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