Energy Swap

Energy Swap

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  • 1 year ago
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I wanted to make a metroidvaina style game.

and I also wanted to make a color swapping shooter, for the theme.

Why not both at the same time?!?!

What could go wrong?

everything. . . .


Despite That I'm still happy with how this turned out.


I mean I wanted to do a lot more with the game, only got one boss fight made.

I wanted 3 . . . there are 2 empty big rooms where boss fights should be.

oh well.

kinda Wish I could polish the one I do have more, but 48 hours and all that!


Also for anyone wondering about the movement.

The last 10 games I've made was all platformers, so its kinda my specialty.

I normal make them with 360 physics, so a simple one like this took me 4 hours tops.

buts its still to glitchly for my tastes. . . D:


as for the level only 2 rooms had any revision what so ever, the rest I just toss titles down and hoped it worked.





This is the Fist game I made with a control option. you can switch the shoot and action buttons with it. also pick ether a switch of hold option for the energy swap.

default controls:

Arrow-keys / D-pad : Movment

A-key / A button : Jump

D-key/ B button : Shoot

S-key/ X button : action(slide on the ground, or alt for wall jump)

Space/ right-trigger : 45 degree aiming

shift / left-trigger : color swap.

enter/ start button : room restart


. Known Bugs:

  • stuck on options menu

(if this happened just press D-on keyboard or B on the Game pad. to back out.)


still don't have a cent of musical talent, but this time I had a friend help. . . . and they only made a small fan-fare the we where both happy with.

thanks Sanic el mierdas for the song.

other wise thanks game maker marketplace again the time!


song used:

Grumble Labs - plankton2

DefGames music - BattleTheme1p0


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Oh Boy where to start.

Man this game jam was fun. its my third one and it went well all considered.

I got 15th over all but 3rd in game-play so I'm happy.

But I don't see myself doing a game of scale again.

metroidvania is not a genre that should be attempted in 48 hours!

still I'm ready and willing for the next Gm48!

Result 15th