Color Combo

Color Combo

  • trolog
  • 10 months ago
  • 39th


You have 3 swords RED GREEN BLUE, using these swords you can change the color of orbs, Red sword hitting Blue orb changes it to purple, you can only change Primary colors into secondary, if you hit a secondary color orb it will only reflect it with no combo multi.

When enemies die they fire out primary orbs, try to change these into secondary to achieve huge combos.

If you accidentally the wrong orb into the wrong enemy you'll be deducted points as well as the current orb multipliers removed from the room.

Much more fun with Joypad.

Controls: Cycle sword colors Q / E / RMB or Joypad bumpers Move (WASD) or left thumb stick Swipe sword LMB or Joypad Right Trigger

Press P to turn off particles Press F to play full-screen(not fully tested)


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