Watch Your Tone

Watch Your Tone

  • Spooky Bois
  • 1 year ago
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Watch Your Tone

"Keep The City Pretty!" This is the objective given to officer Melanie Blanche, the night before a representative of the State Festival is due to scout the city as a possible hosting ground for this year's event. Business would boom again, and the city's reputation would be saved! But while she's on patrol, she comes across a band of hoodlums, defacing city property with their graffiti. Now, she's on a mission to apprehend them before their spray-paint does any more damage. Will she be able to get rid of the graffiti, and Keep the City Pretty? Or will the Committee witness the city when it's... well, you know.

Blanche is armed with only a standard-issue Paint Pistol, which can fire two different colors. Platforms covered with paint can blend right into the scenery, allowing her to navigate the concrete jungle with ease. If any innocent bystanders are within the splash zone, she can use the Neutralize feature to clean them off immediately. Good thing, too -- some people go into a frenzy when coated with the stuff, and others vanish completely!


A and D to move

Move mouse to aim

Left mouse button shoots blue

Right mouse button shoots orange

Hold and release both buttons to neutralize


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