• Jon Drobny
  • 5 months ago
  • 56th


Far from Earth, a lone rover has detected signs of life. From your humble workstation on Earth, manipulate the conditions and use your sample tool to observe new stable lifeforms! Try to find small, fast creatures or large, all-consuming monsters, it's up to you. Each cell's color determines its behavior; cells will die only if they are alone.

Notes: Here are some tips for making new life-forms: when you have a sample that looks like it's starting to form clusters, turn the viscosity up to help them stick to each other. If particles are too far apart and are dying, you can force them together by increasing the pressure. Increasing the temperature causes small, random fluctuations in cell velocities, and can force two otherwise repulsing cells together, perhaps to find a new stable configuration. Good luck!


R to collect a new sample (randomize cell properties and positions)

P to freeze and unfreeze the sample container (pause simulation)

When frozen, scroll wheel to change manipulator tool size.

Click LMB to isolate the sample in the manipulator tool.

Click RMB to destroy the sample in the manipulator tool.

Sample Container Buttons:

Click buttons on right side of screen to change Pressure, Temperature, and Viscosity.

High temperature will transfer momentum to the cells - at high temperatures lifeforms can boil away!

Pressure forces cells towards the center of the container - high pressure will force cells together.

Viscosity changes the amount of friction - high viscosity will slow cells down.


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