Into the Volcano

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  • Cajoled
  • 3 months ago
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A tunnel opened in the recently active Roye G'bivv Mountain, and explorers have spread tales of incredible riches to be had deep in the molten pits, surrounded by mysterious idols of quadrupedal fish.

Into the Volcano is a puzzle game. It features a short tutorial of 11 puzzles and an infinite puzzle generator! Search through the expanse of all the puzzles using Infinity, or see how many you can complete in under a minute in 60 Second Challenge.


Arrow keys, Enter/space, "R" to restart level.

Mechanics explained:

Crystals can fuse as long as two of the same color don't merge. For example, blue may fuse with orange, since orange is a secondary color with no blue, but blue may not fuse with green.

If there are lasers, they must reach pedestals (small crystals) with that pedestal's color in order for the level to be completed. Big crystals filter colors subtractively, e.g. a Green crystal filters out Red light but leaves Blue and Yellow.

Music made in FL Studio. Game made with Gamemaker Studio. By Joel Michelson.


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  • Fachewachewa
    Fachewachewa Fachewachewa 34
    2 months ago

    Ahhh some sokoban action, this fells good :D Interesting mechanic, I wish there were more designed levels :( Managed to get 6 levels done in 60 sec. Even if generated levels aren't that interesting, I'm still impressed by it.

    • Cajoled Cajoled
      Cajoled 13 Developer

      Thank you! I plan to both make some levels and flesh out the generator at some point.

  • Peter 🌊 Jørgensen
    Peter 🌊 Jørgensen Peter 🌊 Jørgensen Organizer
    2 months ago

    That generator is really well made! My highscore's only 3 though. :(

    • Cajoled Cajoled
      Cajoled 13 Developer

      Thank you! Really enjoying the livestream!

  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi 6
    3 months ago

    This game has very nice graphics and the light concept is really unique! Some of the levels seemed more thoughtful than others, but I appreciated the different modes. Overall, it seemed polished and complete!

    • Cajoled Cajoled
      Cajoled 13 Developer

      Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  • GooseNinja
    GooseNinja GooseNinja 3
    3 months ago

    A very nice entry! Kinda wish I had a mute button tho because I got a little bit tired of the music after a while.

    • Cajoled Cajoled
      Cajoled 13 Developer

      Thank you!

      I know, the music was made/put in at the last minute. I kept listening to it on repeat afterwards while making the thumbnail gif and it was driving me insane.


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