Depths of Color

Depths of Color

  • kris24
  • 1 year ago
  • 49th


Depths of Color is an endless scrolling game where you pilot a cheerful yellow submarine...or pink, red, or blue! Whichever color you are, there is plenty of aquatic life for you to add to your collection (by the very scientific method of running into them).

But take heed! Colliding with jellyfish and squid that don't match your color will damage your sub. Collect the correct ones to heal yourself back up.

Keep a sharp lookout for the speedy rainbow "Colorizers" that appear from time to time. If you can snag one of them, it can save your life by changing all the jellyfish and squid in your vicinity to the same color--just note that it changes your sub, too!


ARROW KEYS moves your submarine.

SPACE uses a Colorizer, if you have one handy (Hint: Check the upper left corner of the totally finished UI to see what you have).

Z zooms the game in windowed mode.

F toggles full screen mode.

R restarts the game at any time.

ESCAPE quits the game.

I toggles some debug info, including the "depth" you've gotten to, if you're curious about that.


Art, programming, and sound by Kris24


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