Moody Golem

Moody Golem

  • TobyMoby
  • 1 year ago
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You are tasked to feed the hungry Moody Golem.

Collect fruits that match his color by walking over them and kicking them in his mouth. But be careful, his mood changes very quick, so pay attention and don't feed him wrong-colored fruits! Punch them instead, to calm the golem down.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

You can even use rare special fruits for a variety of bonus-effects. Imgur

Can you please the golem's hunger and jump, punch and dash your way to ever higher high-scores while doing so?

Imgur Imgur

Both keyboard and gamepad support are in place! Walk with the thumb-stick or the arrow keys.

Other actions:

Jump: A-button or SPACE

Punch: X-button or A-key

Dash: B-button or S-key

How Special Fruits work:

Watermelon: If you hit it repeatedly press attack for 10 points each hit! Collect it for 100 points.

Pineapple/Ananas: Hit it for restoring 1 life and set the angry-level back to 0. Collect it for 100 points.

Dragonfruit: Hit it to send every fruit in the room flying into the golem's mouth, giving you 50 points each! Collect it for 100 points.

If you experience strange graphical issues where text and other stuff is drawn on a strange position, it is because I done goofed with the resolution-settings! To get around it, change your resolution to 1920x1080! I'm sorry...

Disclaimer: Oh no! It seems like the player-animations are missing! There is a lot of work to do regarding my time management, apparently..but it does not get in the way of the fun, promise!


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