Dreaded drafts

Dreaded drafts

  • Mohamed Walid YOUSFI
  • 1 year ago
  • 29th


Dreaded drafts is a physic based platformer game when you take control of a sticky note trying to reach his girlfriend, the game take place on a board and the player must use death to his advantage to change the level layout in order to solve puzzles


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  • Fachewachewa

    Good looking game, and some interesting levels, even for a mechanic we've seen before.

    But as other have said, the gameplay could use some tweaking. Some of the decisions I'm ok with (fixed jump height or floatiness), but the way it works with the physics can cause some issues. Sometimes I was stuck and couldn't move for no apparent reasons. I was obviously doing something that wasn't the solution, but I didn't know at the time, and being forced to restart the level because of a "bug" felt a little cheap. And the way the blocs sometimes fall or rotate meant you had to be really precise sometimes, even for apparently simple moves.

    But the puzzle with the tower of block that can block your path if they fall was a really nice idea, and possible only with physics so I guess that's an acceptable trade-off.

  • Tero Hannula

    It looks good and the sounds were also good. The only issues was controls, they felt too floaty and collisions sticky sometimes. This is bit annoying when dealing physics objects. Also when you jump, and fall to the forund, player hits the ground bit above, then falls bit more to actual ground level. You can only jump when you are at the ground level, so sometimes you can't jump immediatly when you want. The interpretation of theme wasn't that innotive, seen several with same kind of idea. Because this game is about drafts, maybe something about throwing a draft away? Drafts aren't finished products but something to explore the idea and to show what it could be. This really look polished and well made, just the game controls needs more attention, which you have plenty after jam :)

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 49
    • I like the tiles!
    • Please, never force players into fullscreen in a game jam

    Like several mentioned, controls were lacky

    • As stated, it feels floaty. jumps are slow, accelerations/decelerations are slow
    • When you land, there is a little bounce that prevents you from jumping for like 1 second. That's unnecessary
    • It was very frustrating not being able to control the height of the jump, as this is usually needed in any kind of platformer. As a result we don't feel like as much in control with the character as we wish we would.
    • The physics were cool, but as Baku stated, not very cooperative. The level design seems to push you to use the physics, but because they're a bit unpredictable and hard to tame, it doesn't feel natural to use them.

    Regarding level design, you said to Baku: "or maybe you weren't exactly doing what was supposed to be done, even if the solution you saw seemed logical,". That's usually an issue. I've also had this when people played some of my games. As developers, we're so focused on our own way to solving the levels and the way we intend them to be solved, that we sometimes don't see that our logic isn't necessarily "the right one". As a result, people get confused. It would be best to accomodate levels to perhaps welcome several different ways to solve. Unfortnately, this part necessits players to test the game to properly balance, which is often very difficult in a game jam where time is our greatest enemy. As you said, "you are the worse game tester of your game"!

    Speaking of which, got stuck in a level where the only way I suppose I'm expected to win is to push 2 stacked green blocks on top of each others on the right to form a 3 stack. But whenever I try to jump on the platform above, it prevents me from jumping higher. I've tried different other ways, logics but it didn't seem to fit.

    Design and theme wise, would have liked something a bit different (using your own corpse is a very common mechanic)

    The game is very well polished nonetheless! Jeu plutôt mignon

  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    Looks and sounds pretty good! Very well done on that part. The level design was pretty good too. The main mechanic of leaving a body behind after you die has been done to death before, but eh, clearly it must be a good mechanic if people make games like this all the time...

    I thought the gameplay could use some improvement. The controls and physics are really slow and floaty, and there wasn't really enough friction. Made it kinda annoying to play, to be honest. I also ran into some issues where I knew exactly what I had to do to beat a level, but I just couldn't get the physics to cooperate, so I'd have to restart a few levels over and over again... :/

    • Mohamed Walid YOUSFI Mohamed Walid YOUSFI
      Level 2

      Thanks for your feedback! this is the kind of critic we expect for other devs. It's true that the controls were a bit floaty on that version we posted, we didn't get time to tweak the variables with all the level design and polishing, now when it comes to physic issues with the puzzles, I've made sure that the level is quickly "winable" once you get the trick, either I became too good with the mouvement (that's why they say: "you are the worse game tester of your game") , or maybe you weren't exactly doing what was supposed to be done, even if the solution you saw seemed logical, and this is what I've noticed seeing others play my game.

      Thank you again for trying our game and your constructive feedback, best of luck!

  • Professor Stein

    Hmmm. I didn't really like being stuck in the game window and not being able to exit out. It kind of felt a bit cliche to me as well. Seems like alot of people coming from somewhere else and making a singular account just to play this as well. That seems to take the fun out of the competition IMO, but i guess the more friends you have, the better. As far as actual gameplay, it wasn't bad. I'm just not a huge fan of platformers that don't offer alot of "juice" so to say.

  • PenguinCzar
    PenguinCzar PenguinCzar Level 5

    Great game! Amazing Art! It kind of reminded me of Super Meat Boy but that was probably only because it was great art and you were trying to get your girlfriend. I absolutely loved it, however I was a little confused on the controls as it seems to be posted nowhere except R to Restart. Other than that the music was great and the puzzles were exemplary. I also checked out xerise and it seems like you guys are going to be going places. Good luck!

    • Mohamed Walid YOUSFI Mohamed Walid YOUSFI
      Level 2

      Thanks alot for your feedback! well about getting your girlfriend at the end of the level, it was the most "games" thing we ran into while trying to make an objective, Mario save the princess, Shovel knight, Zelda, Aladdin, Sonic, Donkey Kong... We didn't put the controle in the games as it was kinda intuitive to use the arrow keys ( except for restarting with "R" ). I am glad you liked the art and puzzle in general and thank you for cheking out our other work!

  • Black Jake
    Black Jake Black Jake Level 1

    Amazing, the controls were a bit floaty indeed but it was nice. I think it would be better if you added some more sound effects but still, it was beautiful in general, and perfect for a 48 hours game (You should mention that in the description so people will know before judging). Keep going ! ♥

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Really nice graphics, perfect sounds, nice gameplay... but not an innovative game. You re-branded an already existing game. In any case i would suggest to add more storytelling like "Agry Birds", good luck!

    • Mohamed Walid YOUSFI Mohamed Walid YOUSFI
      Level 2

      Saying that the idea is not original is totally fine even if we thought it was, but using the expression "re-branding an already existing game" is kinda harsh don't you think ? (by the way can you point out which game is that ? we still can't find it)

      It's true that the game lack a bit of story telling, we planned it but didn't have time to make the illustrations, we focused the last hours on the polishing and sounds mostly

      Thanks for your feedback!

  • noriko
    noriko noriko Level 1

    j'adore le jeu ♥ rien a dire MAGNIFIQUE bonne continuation

  • WhiteDLM
    WhiteDLM WhiteDLM Level 1

    You created this in only 48 hours! Great work. The music is perfect for the game! amazing graphics, the note sticks are so cute _ .
    House WhiteDLM approves.

  • Luigi
    Luigi Luigi Level 1

    Amazing game i really.enjoyed it congrats

  • SalahED
    SalahED SalahED Level 1

    so cool ♥_♥ great art and great game play GG bro

  • Adrien Dittrick

    Very nice music, and cute graphics :)

  • SuperGamersGames

    Everything is well polished! Great job!

  • Sixyouss
    Sixyouss Sixyouss Level 1

    this is so original i really had a great time playing it, you guys did an amazing job! keep up the good work

  • ihab fridj
    ihab fridj ihab fridj Level 1

    i think for the small time they had this game is really really good i enjoyed playing it . the idea is just perfect and the design is great too <3 best of luck <3

  • islemkehoul98

    for 48 hours i think it's a good job , wish you the best bro <3

  • Loates
    Loates Loates Level 9

    Alright, I really enjoyed this game, I love the overall atmosphere made by the happy music and the cute art. The game play was enjoyable and puzzling. And while the game had a unoriginal theme, it was constructed beautifully

  • Abdelkrim
    Abdelkrim Abdelkrim Level 1

    Nice art and puzzles and good use of the theme!

  • 89o
    89o 89o Level 18

    I must say, this concept is a bit unoriginal (there's another game using it called "Zero, Death!"), but its implementation is really good. As with another game called Moebius Well, I find this game's description and summary unexciting. Also, I think that there is a death state, so it doesn't really pass with the theme. Nevertheless, great work.

    • Mohamed Walid YOUSFI Mohamed Walid YOUSFI
      Level 2

      Thanks for your feedback!

      While we thought our idea was original, apparently it was not, and we weren't aware of the existing game that had the same mecanic (by the way we still can't figure out which game is that can you point it out ?)

      Now speaking of the use of the theme, now that you pointed it out, it's true that our game kind of have a "death state", the way we have seen the team is more like "death doesn't stop you" or I would say "death isn't the normal death we usually have in games" , that's why we thought of a mecanic where the user uses death to his advantage, but it can also be punishing in a way

  • nesserine
    nesserine nesserine Level 1

    perfect <3 am in love with the game great job :o -

  • Imad Toubal
    Imad Toubal Imad Toubal Level 1

    I love both the idea and execution. It's impressive how much love were you able to fit during 48 hours. Jumping is a little floaty and unresponsive for my liking. Pretty sure this would change in the update ;) 5/5 MASTAPEECE

  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi Level 16

    This is a pretty good game. The graphics and sound effects go together well. The controls felt really floaty, but that was probably intended. I think it fits the theme well!


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