You Cannot Kill Death!

You Cannot Kill Death!

  • Hemophiliac Knife Fight
  • 11 months ago
  • 42nd


Play as a Lich that gets stronger every time he dies. Kill peasants and raise skeletons!

How to play:

  • Left Click to Attack
  • Right Click to raise the dead to fight for you.
  • Move using A and D (or left/right arrow keys)

Goal: Advance in level (by "dying"), and kill as many enemies as you can within time limit. Score is given at the end.

Since this jam took place on Easter weekend, I only had about 15 hours to work on this project total. My artist, while unable to provide any art assets this time around, helped with the design and ideas. Hope you enjoy this goofy little game.

Note: You may want to turn your sound down to about half, HTML5 ignored my preset volume of my sound files, whereas Windows/Mac worked as intended.)

Known Bugs:

  • If you die while moving, stuff keeps moving until you rise again.

Created with Gamemaker Studio 2, Spine, Garageband, and Quicktime Player. Sounds recorded with Blue "Snowball" microphone.


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