• Kyon
  • 9 months ago
  • 13th



Travel through a mysterious world and talk to weird beings in this atmospheric puzzle-platformer.


  • Arrowkeys/WASD
  • Space
  • R restarts the game.


  • Game, Music & Art made by Kyon Edelenbosch
  • Giant-head voice by Tthecreator



The theme is in the story/environment.

Known Bugs:
  • When you're choosing a question, you can choose "out of bounds" questions, which will bug the game if you hold space to ask that one. So don't go above option 1.
  • Music is a little loud in level 2.
  • Just found out jumping doesn't work on gamepad sorry :(

I'm really proud that I finished this game on time sort of. Made some very very long hours. I put time in SFX and Music last which was very very stressful. Literally uploaded this 2 minutes before the extended time ended. With this entry I tried to listen to all the feedback I was given on my other entries, and put more time into the mechanic, rather than atmosphere. Making it more a game than a movie haha. Really happy with the outcome. Very annoyed by some bugs that I know of that could've been easily fixed. Oh and I had to remove fullscreen mode last minute because it gave some vector-art glitches. Damn you gamemaker hahah.

Special thanks to Tthecreator who did the voice for the giant head. Really adds a lot.


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