SG: shadow spiral

SG: shadow spiral

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  • 6 months ago
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post-jam version:

<img src="" alt="bryan-standing" border="0" /> <img src="" alt="controls" border="0" />

GamePad Full Support!

Fill free to use a game-pad over the Basic keyboard controls.

<img src="" alt="arrow-keys" border="0" /> <img src="" alt="d-pad" border="0" /> Used for basic movement, crouching down, and Speaking with Bell.

<img src="" alt="A-key" border="0" /> Used for Jumping, wall-Jumping, Double-Jumping And Held in The Water to swim up. once at the surface of the water quickly release and press again to jump out.

<img src="" alt="action-keys" border="0" /> Used for Attacking, Quickly press ether button to preform a basic Combo. Press and hold any of them to Preform a strong finisher attack.

<img src="" alt="sprint-keys" border="0" /> Use to Quickly dash foreword, Also press during an attack to back step out of it.

Enter & Start

Use them you pause the game and Skip Cut-scenes.

<img src="" alt="bell-stand" border="0" /> <img src="" alt="credits" border="0" />

  • game was made by SingleShotGamer
  • Music was done by Adrien Dittrick
  • Special Thanks to Marco maureira and Daniel for playtesting!


<img src="" alt="shadow-stand" border="0" /> <img src="" alt="screenshots" border="0" />

<img src="" alt="shot-1" border="0" />

<img src="" alt="shot-2" border="0" />

<img src="" alt="shot-3" border="0" />


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