SG: shadow spiral

SG: shadow spiral

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post-jam version:

bryan-standing controls

GamePad Full Support!

Fill free to use a game-pad over the Basic keyboard controls.

arrow-keys d-pad Used for basic movement, crouching down, and Speaking with Bell.

A-key Used for Jumping, wall-Jumping, Double-Jumping And Held in The Water to swim up. once at the surface of the water quickly release and press again to jump out.


Used for Attacking, Quickly press ether button to preform a basic Combo. Press and hold any of them to Preform a strong finisher attack.


Use to Quickly dash foreword, Also press during an attack to back step out of it.

Enter & Start

Use them you pause the game and Skip Cut-scenes.

bell-stand credits
  • game was made by SingleShotGamer
  • Music was done by Adrien Dittrick
  • Special Thanks to Marco maureira and Daniel for playtesting!


shadow-stand screenshots shot-1 shot-2 shot-3


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