A Growing Challenge

A Growing Challenge

  • The Secret Game Developer
  • 2 years ago
  • 39th


Movement and menu navigation: WASD

Shoot: LMB

Fullscreen: in menu or ALT


Wully the Wizard is lost in this magic tower, that randomly generates new floors every time he goes up the ladder to a new floor. How high do you think he can go?


Not only do you go up in an infinite tower, the enemies get harder every floor you go up (+10% on some base stats for every floor). Like climbing a tower. Luckely there are ways to improve your own firepower as well.

(known) issues

this is not my best project ever there are some issues in this version of the game that are pretty much not acceptable. I asked too much from myself in the 48 hours that I had. Here are some of the issues this version of the game has:

Death animation does not stop on the right frame every time,

healthpack also increases fire rate (forgot break;),

a different orb spawns every floor instead of every four,

the transition animation of the orb does not stop on the right frame,

music is not stopped before menu music starts after death

These are all things that should have been polished out before publishing, especially because they are not hard to fix.

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  • Kwis
    • Level 63

    2yrs ago

    I like that sort of game

    • The shadows of the walls feel like they're a wall because your character is stopped way before getting near the wall
    • the slimes' death animations are weird because they slowly become pieces of slimes instead of instantly breaking appart.. animations usually give more punch when their pace is not linear. Deceleration and acceleration of movements are often good for these sort of things.
    • Game kinda lacks feedback. Something visual could happen when enemies die, you pick up something (aside just a sound)
    • Balancing of weapons seems a bit unfinished. The blue weapon just doesn't fit any combat situation. You don't know when it's active again
    • Good thing these orbs were on all level in that regard
    • I love that picking up the same orb increases its effectiveness!

    Gets a bit repetitive, but still fun!

  • Problematicar

    Surely has a lot of potential, but it's missing even a base level of polish, everything feels super rushed, except the balance of the game, which manages to make things feel challenging without becoming frustrating

    Cig Tower

    Cig Tower

  • baku

    I made a very similar game to this when I was just starting out gamedev, except that took me like a week, so congrats on making this in a weekend!

    The gameplay did get quite repetitive after some time, but it was fun for a while.

    Also, the menus looked pretty weird... When I saw no one had commented on this, I went and checked if it has anything to do with monitor resolution. And sure enough, it does! So for the future, don't make UI depend on display size, instead base it on window or GUI size.

    • The Secret Game Developer

      Thanks for playing! For the menu thing, I really though I based the UI on GUI size, but after looking at the code I saw it didn't: probably side effect of not sleeping :)

  • Henry Haak

    This was a fun game! The procedural generation certainly added a lot to it too. I did have some floors not spawn any enemies or powerups while I was playing, so the procgen could have been improved a bit to make sure it wasn't quite so easy. I also realize it's difficult to add a lot of content in 48 hours, but some additional enemy types (even if they were also just recolored slimes) with different behaviors would have added a lot to the game as well. As the game is now, I was never really scared of the green slimes and only concerned myself with the red ones.

    Besides that though, the game is really solid. The controls feel good, the music and art are decent, and overall I had fun with my time with it. Great work!

    • The Secret Game Developer

      Thanks for playing! The game is supposed to have floors without powerups, though no enemies is kind of strange, I don't think that has haoppened before, but the chance exists since enemies too close to the player spawn are destroyed, so if all enemies are spawned within x pixels of the players they will be destroyed, and yeah I should probably change that, just like that the ladder sometimes spawns directly next to the player.

      I'm not that great at coding, so about half my time went into figuring out how random generation works, otherwise there would probably have been at least one more enemy.

      I also agree that the green slimes oare not that big of a threat on lower floors, but at floor 20+ or so they become faster than the player, so then they are something to watch out for.

      This was useful feedback, thank you.

  • Tero Hannula

    It was nice solid game, nothing really to complain about controls, sound or graphics. I managed to get to floor 17 before I got killed. First I thought the same enemies repeat all over again without change (didn't read description), and gradually I started to thing, are they getting stronger and faster :D I think best was machine gun type attack, with increased rate of fire. Of course, more enemies could have been there after tenth floor or so, but it was nice entry :)

    On the sidenote, the graphics were clean and clear, but the banner doesn't give same feeling, so I think you should change that. This could be a bit more popular then.

    • The Secret Game Developer

      Thanks for playing! I agree that the banner and the thumbnail aren't too good but I'm really bad at designing those things. I am working on a few more enemies to add in on later floors.

  • Gelidity

    Nice game! The rise in difficulty felt smooth and fair for the elements present. I had a suspicion that picking up multiple orbs of the same color increased fire rate, but I wasn't sure. An visual for the orb in addition to its color to signify the increasing fire rate would've been neat. I think the blue piercing shot would be the best if not for it applying a much longer "hit immunity" to enemies that made any additional fire rate on it much less useful (and it didn't autofire like the others). It was a game I wanted to keep on playing though. That's a good sign if you are considering ever adding more!

    • The Secret Game Developer

      Thanks for playing! Picking up multiple orbs of the same color does indeed increase the firerate. In this version there is no need to be a visual indication since it increases the firerate for all the guns, but I think I'm going to change that. That the blue gun doesn't auto fire is on purpose, but it should probably be buffed a bit to really be effective.

  • Patrick
    • Level 13

    2yrs ago

    Very fun! I liked the variety of weapons. I was only able to get to floor 11 though!

  • Joe Miller

    Fun entry! I liked the machine gun style the best, the spread shot felt a little too unreliable in corridors, I'd like it if at least one of the bullets would go straight forward to at least hit the thing directly ahead. The blue one (or purple? I'm colorblind) didn't feel as powerful so I mostly avoided those. I made it to floor 14 on my best run.

    Zip Zoom

    Zip Zoom

    • The Secret Game Developer

      Thanks for playing! maybe fun to know you made it further in the game then I have so far. I agree that the spread should probably be ajusted a bit, just like the piercing shot (was blue indeed). I implemented those very close to the deadline so I did not have enough time to playtest them well.

I had a lot of fun developing this game and I did learn a lot (the main objective of course), but I personally not too pleased with the result. What I submitted has way too many bugs and small mistakes that might make it too easy for the player. I will fix the issues and improve on the game for further publication, but I think I asked too much of myself or 48 hours, especially considering I'm not a professional gms developer.

Result 39th