A Growing Challenge

A Growing Challenge

  • The Secret Game Developer
  • 4 months ago
  • 39th



Movement and menu navigation: WASD

Shoot: LMB

Fullscreen: in menu or ALT


Wully the Wizard is lost in this magic tower, that randomly generates new floors every time he goes up the ladder to a new floor. How high do you think he can go?


Not only do you go up in an infinite tower, the enemies get harder every floor you go up (+10% on some base stats for every floor). Like climbing a tower. Luckely there are ways to improve your own firepower as well.

(known) issues

this is not my best project ever there are some issues in this version of the game that are pretty much not acceptable. I asked too much from myself in the 48 hours that I had. Here are some of the issues this version of the game has:

Death animation does not stop on the right frame every time,

healthpack also increases fire rate (forgot break;),

a different orb spawns every floor instead of every four,

the transition animation of the orb does not stop on the right frame,

music is not stopped before menu music starts after death

These are all things that should have been polished out before publishing, especially because they are not hard to fix.


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I had a lot of fun developing this game and I did learn a lot (the main objective of course), but I personally not too pleased with the result. What I submitted has way too many bugs and small mistakes that might make it too easy for the player. I will fix the issues and improve on the game for further publication, but I think I asked too much of myself or 48 hours, especially considering I'm not a professional gms developer.

Result 39th