Tower of the Nether Crystal

Tower of the Nether Crystal

  • Orange Tinted Glasses
  • 1 year ago
  • 34th

It seems like everyone these days wants a piece of Valgren’s Nether Crystal! What is a wizard to do? Hide his treasure at the top of an incredibly tall tower of course!

Assist the Wizard Valgren in defending his precious Nether Crystal from the numerous foes that would seek to steal it for their own greedy purposes. Hurl fireballs from your sky perch and summon new tower floors from the void to fend off villagers, knights, battering rams, trolls, giant spike bugs, war elephants, and dragons! At your employ are floors equipped with archers, lightning orbs, boiling tar, iron bars, and spinning blades.

How long with Valgren be able to defend his treasure?

Play Instructions:

∙Move the mouse to aim your fireballs and left click to fire them at enemies below.

∙You can hold the mouse button down for continuous fire.

∙Earn coins by destroying enemies

∙The Round Progression Timer on the right of the screen will alert you to when a large boss enemy is approaching your tower!

∙Spend coins to summon new floors to your tower:

5 coins: Basic Floor

10 coins: Archer Floor (deal fast, long ranged damage)

15 coins: Tar Floor (slow approaching enemies)

30 coins: Lighting Orb Floor (deal ranged chain damage)

30 coins: Reinforced Floor (extra protection from incoming damage)

45 coins: Spinning Blade Floor (high amounts of melee range damage)

Let others know what Round you survived until!

Created By:
Orange Tinted Glasses and Chubby Worm Games Colin Henry -- Programming / Design Elisabeth Jetter -- Music Composition / Sounds Douglas Terhune -- Digital Editing Christina Terhune -- Art / Graphics

A couple Creative Commons sound assets from online were edited and mixed in for the final SFX:

∙“Drythunder2” by juskiddink, Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

∙“2068-Woosh” by Mark DiAngelo, Attribution 3.0 United States (CC BY 3.0 US)

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  • Acr515
    Acr515 Acr515 Level 4

    Nice game! I felt like it started a little quick like others did but otherwise I thought you did a good job.

    One note is that the HTML5 version crashes when you try to pause the game.

    EDIT reply to developer: I pressed the escape button and the screen went dark but the music continued to play and I was unable to resume play. Just assumed that was intended to be the pause menu, as pause menus usually break in a similar manner when porting to HTML5, but maybe I'm wrong...

    • Juzek Juzek
      Level 8

      Thanks for trying it out! Just out of curiosity, how were you pausing the game? I didn't think we put a pause feature in it.

  • baku
    baku baku Level 50 Patron

    Just like Tero, I also noticed the best strategy is to buy the saws. In fact, I would just keep clicking on the buy saw button, and not even worry about attacking enemies myself. I stopped on floor 15, but at læeast up until then my money only trended upwards, so I imagine one could keep going for a very long time, if not forever, just with that strategy.

    So due to that it became a little boring once I figured it out. But I thought it was a very interesting take on the tower defense genre!

    • Juzek Juzek
      Level 8

      Thanks! We are excited to play with the balance more after the judging is done. It will be worth the extra polish.

  • Tero Hannula

    Hi, nice game and it ran well.

    I survived until I got more coins than I could spend: and decided to die on level 21. Maybe after 15th level I noticed that best strategy was to buy only saw tower pieces, so I had saw-tower :) I got little bit more money than I could spend on saws, so I just decided to just buy them. Before that I had crystal balls and saws mixed.

    It was fun game, maybe too quick start and I had not time to look what every piece does at first. Later when I had automated tower I could read. And there were no real pause between the waves.

    Graphics were cute, I liked them. And music was good also. The gameplay was fun, until you get to the point you have no way to lose if you just buy saws. The game had variety of characters and bosses, plus for that + :) Als othe dragon ^^ well, I eventually easily saw them to pieces, but first dragon had me on edge.

  • HealTheIll
    HealTheIll HealTheIll Level 2

    nice game, music is lovely, concept is cool but fps in html5 went down since stage 2 and it seemed like I was unbeatable at some point and had all the upgrades, but this is one of the challenges in building tower defense games, making them balanced.

    • Juzek Juzek
      Level 8

      The original port to the web player was bugged, and has now been fixed to behave like the original upload. Give it another shot!

  • The Secret Game Developer

    I really like the idea, you build your own tower basically as it gets destroyed. I like the background music and sound effects, it's not too destracting and I think it is fitting. You give a lot of information about the waves, even if it's graphically basic, and I think that is really good.

    That being said, there are some problems. For one, I don't think the saw layer does anything other than cost a lot. I also think (could be due to the web player though), that you have a memory leak somewhere, because my game keeps slowing down.

    For expansion ideas maybe you could have a repair floor or a consumable that repairs a floor. More floor types of course, and maybe some upgrades for the wizard.

    • Juzek Juzek
      Level 8

      The saws, colors, and speed had issues in the original web version. Some settings got tweaked, and it works great now.

  • Azecy
    Azecy Azecy Level 2

    This was a lot of fun! I especially liked the background music.