Tower of the Nether Crystal

Tower of the Nether Crystal

  • Orange Tinted Glasses
  • 4 months ago
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It seems like everyone these days wants a piece of Valgren’s Nether Crystal! What is a wizard to do? Hide his treasure at the top of an incredibly tall tower of course!

Assist the Wizard Valgren in defending his precious Nether Crystal from the numerous foes that would seek to steal it for their own greedy purposes. Hurl fireballs from your sky perch and summon new tower floors from the void to fend off villagers, knights, battering rams, trolls, giant spike bugs, war elephants, and dragons! At your employ are floors equipped with archers, lightning orbs, boiling tar, iron bars, and spinning blades.

How long with Valgren be able to defend his treasure?

Play Instructions:

∙Move the mouse to aim your fireballs and left click to fire them at enemies below.

∙You can hold the mouse button down for continuous fire.

∙Earn coins by destroying enemies

∙The Round Progression Timer on the right of the screen will alert you to when a large boss enemy is approaching your tower!

∙Spend coins to summon new floors to your tower:

5 coins: Basic Floor

10 coins: Archer Floor (deal fast, long ranged damage)

15 coins: Tar Floor (slow approaching enemies)

30 coins: Lighting Orb Floor (deal ranged chain damage)

30 coins: Reinforced Floor (extra protection from incoming damage)

45 coins: Spinning Blade Floor (high amounts of melee range damage)

Let others know what Round you survived until!

Created By:
Orange Tinted Glasses and Chubby Worm Games Colin Henry -- Programming / Design Elisabeth Jetter -- Music Composition / Sounds Douglas Terhune -- Digital Editing Christina Terhune -- Art / Graphics

A couple Creative Commons sound assets from online were edited and mixed in for the final SFX:

∙“Drythunder2” by juskiddink, Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

∙“2068-Woosh” by Mark DiAngelo, Attribution 3.0 United States (CC BY 3.0 US)


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