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Click & Collect

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Welcome to Click & Collect. You are a supermarket worker, and it's your job to complete the online orders coming through everyday and deliver them to the front desk, ready for pick up. Be careful though, fall behind and risk getting fired.

Alt text Controls

Move - WASD
Move hand - Mouse
Pick up item/Press button - Left Click

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An order will arrive on the bottom right of the screen. Walk around the shop floor to find all the items on the list. Complete 5 full days to complete the game.

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You will eventually run out of items on the shelves. Go to the storeroom to the right of the shop and press the large button to restock the corresponding aisle. This will take some time so use it strategically.

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A timer will countdown until the end of your shift. Complete all of your orders before the time runs out. Be careful, you will get fired if you don't complete everything in time.

Alt text Alt text Delivery

Once you have found all of your items, the delivery zone will turn from red to green. Walk into it to delivery your items and receive your next order.


Code: Crashb1111
Art: WonderT


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