• The Llama Concept
  • 1 year ago
  • 65th

WASD (or arrow keys) for movement Nom to your heart's content, grow, and avoid red enemies to survive

Code: Purul3nt, Game Design & Art: Nizitowns

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 12

    Neat graphics! I included it in my GM48: Collect! compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • baku
    baku baku Level 53 Patron

    Unique looking game. Gets a bit repetitive quite quickly, I wish I was able to eat the enemies as I grew bigger, kinda like in some other games similar to this.

  • WangleLine 🌸

    I'm not really sure I understand this game at all - I moved around, ate some of those white and blue blobs and grew, that's it - I feel like I completely missed some larger aspect of gameplay

  • kbjwes77
    kbjwes77 kbjwes77 Level 19

    Interesting player/enemy design. Not very much to do besides avoid enemies and grow, felt a little empty. Cool music though!

  • Mimpy
    Mimpy Mimpy Level 17

    The game is clean and straightforward. The different enemy types and collectible wing patterns adds some nice variety. The music is calm but groovy, too.

    There seems to be a bit of a mistake with calculating angle differences, since you rotate the long way around to where you're supposed to face very often. Seems like a classic case of forgetting to check the lesser angle when wrapping around the 360 degree mark.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    I liked the aesthetics of the player parts, but the following was a little buggy. At a certain length the newly collected parts sit there for a long time before moving. I thought that this would make the game impossible before realizing only your lead part has a hitbox.

  • CrashB1111
    CrashB1111 CrashB1111 Level 16

    Nice game. The simple, clean graphics fit the style of the game. Reminds me a lot of flOw.