Goodbye Taxman

Goodbye Taxman

  • Powerdive
  • 1 month ago
  • 18th


You are a tax collector. The family whose door you stand in front of have been dodging taxes for 18 years straight, and it's time to collect.

They're clever, but not above the power of the IRS. Ask them questions, determine the value of their property, and we will seize it at a later time to pay for the years of missed taxes.

Be careful. The more nosy you are, the more suspicious the owner will become. If he becomes too suspicious, this precious chance to collect will end.

Good Luck -Your Boss

Collect Taxes!

Navigate a large, branching dialogue to gather as much information as you can about the tax evader's valuables as you can! Be careful though, once you reach 100% suspicion he'll slam the door in your face!


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