Post your high-scores! If you'd like to see what a high-score worthy run looks like, look for the Youtube video below!

Electric specters are mischievous little things. Born from a scientific mishap, they wander aimlessly and increase in number. If too many gather in one place, there will be explosive consequences. At least we can keep it under control!

The post-jam version can be found here. Obviously don't rate based on this version, but it's better!


  • A/D - Movement
  • W/Space - Jump
  • Mouse - Aim
  • LMB - Shoot

How to Play

  • You have 5 minutes before the whole lab blows to pieces!
  • Shoot the specters to gain watts!
  • The more watts you gain, the more abilities you will gain!
  • Watts also allow you to open doors and activate machines!
  • Get as many watts as possible then leave before it's too late!

Current High Score:

by @SmollBeanSavage hiscore

Gameplay also by @SmollBeanSavage:

This one came out really nicely and it might be my favorite gm48 entry to date. I hope you enjoy!

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  • Tero Hannula

    Just putting the videolink of my gameplay here :P

  • Jupiter Hadley

    Really well made game! I included it in my GM48: Collect! compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • baku

    Great game, Seltzy!! My record so far is 73160, but that was with an auto clicker macro. I'm a filthy cheater 😥



    • Seltzy

      2yrs ago

      No judgement, it's a design oversight. Very good record though! The world record pictured also uses an auto clicker.

      Thanks for playing!

  • Atomic
    • Level 16

    2yrs ago

    I set up a mouse just to play this, and gotta say it was worth the effort. The game is fun and has a certain charm, the ghosts sound adorable and the music is nice too. The art was good but some visual bugs took me out of it somewhat. A good game in my opinion is a game where even if you strip away the sound and art you're still left with engaging gameplay. Spectro Electro is no exception as it is wildly addictive.

    Paper Boi

    Paper Boi

    • Seltzy

      2yrs ago

      Hey I appreciate the effort getting a mouse set up, and I'm glad you felt it was worth it. I know of one visual bug when you're running that unfortunately flew under my radar.

      Thanks for playing!

  • Naxos
    • Level 7

    2yrs ago

    Phew! This was a really well made game, and I'm not surprised -- it's Seltzy after all :)

    So... I'm pretty awful at this game, but it's a good game. I don't know if it was me or the controls, but I had an awfully hard time trying to land on those skinny wall tops.

    The Good:

    • Art
    • Music
    • Sound
    • Menus
    • Stat keeping
    • Game design

    There's probably more I could put on that list above, but my finger is tired, so I'll get straight to the bad:

    The Bad:

    • My finger is tired
    • No, really, MY FINGER IS TIRED!

    Like... I had to stop playing because it was getting hard to move my finger! I wanted to play more. I wanted to go for that high score (well at least until I checked what the high score was and realized I actually kind of like my finger)

    Aside from that, I can find very little constructive criticism to give, emphasis on criticism. If I had to just utterly nitpick, I'd say maybe the weakest category would be innovation? It has unique elements, but just relative to how good the rest of it is, ya know? Like I said, nitpick!

    Ya done good!

    • Seltzy

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for the kind words Naxos! If it makes you feel any better, I've seen worse top scores than that!

      It seems like the controls come more naturally to some than others. There are probably some changes warranted to make the movement easier and more accessible.

      I'm sorry for your finger, but consider it a workout! :)

      Thanks for playing!

  • battleZays


  • ZedSquadron

    Pretty slick game you put together. I liked the idea of gaining new skills as the level progressed, and the Megaman-style controls are always a plus to me. The voice at the beginning was rad, and the art/music was solid. Overall, a really good entry and I'm glad I gave it a shot.

    A few things:

    • I think adding gamepad support would definitely make for a better experience. And, as others suggested below, an auto-attack feature when holding down the mouse button could be cool. I would have liked to play more to see what was up next, but my wrists disintegrated on the second attempt.
    • Maybe adding skills a little faster would be nice, but I could be off-base on this because I'm not great at PC games, though.
    • I think we, as a community, need to know this game's lore. Who is spectro? And why is he/she so electro?
    • Seltzy

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for the play! You aren't the first person to suggest gamepad controls, but unfortunately that's never a priority for me in the original 48 hours. Definitely something to consider in the future.

      As a more arcade style game, the idea is that you would do better and better each run. Once you get pretty good at it the upgrades come sooner. Though I understand that doesn't vibe with the wrist exhausting gameplay.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Fachewachewa

    I played for a while and only got 30k D: this is really hard, but it's a cool concept. Learning the level and thinking of different routes was a lot of fun.

    My biggest gripe with the game was the controls, the walljump were a little too hard for me, especially on keyboard, and I'm not a fan of mashing the mouse as fast as possible to shoot. My brain can't handle it when you need to walljump and shoot lots of things at the same time.

    Finding the "hidden" room bottom left was nice, especially when I unlocked the piercing shots, but on my best run a barely had the time to get back to the exit from this point.

    I'm really curious to know what at the bottom right behind all those spikes and how to get there, but for now my hands hurt a little too much.

    • Seltzy

      2yrs ago

      Having to click too much is a fair complaint and I should have given it more concern during development. Wall jumping could be improved from wall-to-wall. In the current most optimized run, maxing out abilities comes with around 2 minutes left. Idea being if you want to abuse the crazy power spike, you have to be quick enough to reach it.

      Thanks for playing!

  • BitRapture

    This game was incredible to play! I got instantly sucked into playing this game, the art and music design was very nice as well :D A very addicting game and a pretty sweet concept, the only thing I have to say is that wall-to-wall jumps were a little hard to perform but other than that this is a solid entry.

    Well done!

    • Seltzy

      2yrs ago

      Hey I'm glad you enjoyed it! Wall jumping certainly could use a bit more tweaking for when you're not scaling a single wall.

      Thanks for playing!

  • Tydecon Games

    Well this is much more addictive than I thought it would be - the style, the pressure of the time, collecting the spirits, it all just works so well together, great job!

  • g0ldent0y

    Pretty decent entry. Nothing stands out exceptionally, but its definitely on the higher end of quality for a GM game.



  • Renusek

    Really fun! With each playthrough you know more, so the next try can be done more efficiently. One thing I would change is some auto-attack when holding (could be not as fast, but still). Really liked it.



    • Seltzy

      2yrs ago

      Yeah, If i could go back I would definitely add an option to hold for shooting. It seems to be the biggest issue.

      Thank you for playing!