Spectro Electro

Spectro Electro

  • Seltzy
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Post your high-scores! If you'd like to see what a high-score worthy run looks like, look for the Youtube video below!

Electric specters are mischievous little things. Born from a scientific mishap, they wander aimlessly and increase in number. If too many gather in one place, there will be explosive consequences. At least we can keep it under control!

The post-jam version can be found here. Obviously don't rate based on this version, but it's better!


  • A/D - Movement
  • W/Space - Jump
  • Mouse - Aim
  • LMB - Shoot

How to Play

  • You have 5 minutes before the whole lab blows to pieces!
  • Shoot the specters to gain watts!
  • The more watts you gain, the more abilities you will gain!
  • Watts also allow you to open doors and activate machines!
  • Get as many watts as possible then leave before it's too late!

Current High Score:

by @SmollBeanSavage hiscore

Gameplay also by @SmollBeanSavage:

This one came out really nicely and it might be my favorite gm48 entry to date. I hope you enjoy!

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