Trophy Rush

Trophy Rush

  • 1 year ago
  • 1st

You have 8 minutes. Earn as many trophy drops as you can, but remember - you have to COLLECT the trophies manually from the centre for them to count! Don't forget!

Collect as many trophies as you can. That is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

It's a rush for the trophies!

You wake up in a strange place. There seems to be no way out but there are a lot of tasks that need doing and strange characters that need help. I guess you better get started.

The object of the game is to do all the things. Find as many trophies as you can in the time you're given. Trophies range from easy (bronze) to hard (rainbow). Do you go for lots of easy ones or spend some time figuring out the hard ones? Which way is the most efficient?! What do you do to get the highest score?!? Because yes, as usual ... we have highscores!


  • Movement - WASD/Arrows
  • Interact - E/Enter/LMB
  • Menu - Escape
  • Toggle Fullscreen - Alt + Enter
  • Mute Sound - M
  • Reload/Restart Game - Open the menu, it's on there!


Thanks for playing the game! Check the trophy log on the main menu - it keeps track of your total collected trophies for all rounds!


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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 12

    Lovely idea! I included it in my GM48: Collect! compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Vojaz
    Vojaz Vojaz Level 7

    Great and lovely game. Good looking graphix, nice to listen sound effects and audio.

    Perfectly fits the theme, collecting a lot of stuff and it's all usefull in a way, even before you know for what.

    Bonus that it is an action packed game without the easy use of that the main character needs to use violence.

    The only thing was sometimes glitchy was the teleport activating while holding an item, and interacting with items close to shops. Although not a really minor point.

    Would love to see an extende version of this, opening more parts and extending the timer?

    Thank you for making such a fun game to play. :)

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      Thank YOU for playing!

      We're are extremely likely to keep working on this game :]

  • Ellian
    Ellian Ellian Level 6

    Holy shit that's SO much fun?! There's so much to do, find and well, collect. Incredibly well made and super engaging. Congrats :D

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      Thanks a lot! I'm happy you like it Ellian! :D

  • ZedSquadron

    Really addicting! Super polished, and has a ton of depth. It's awesome that you have an online high scoreboard, which keeps replayability pretty high. I'm amazed at what you guys put together in 48 hours. Great work :)

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      Thanks a lot :) I'm glad you had fun!

  • Chris

    I thought Trophy Rush looked fantastic and had a lot of polish.

  • baku
    baku baku Level 55 Patron

    Good game, that I am very bad at :D

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      Try harder! hardeeeer :D

  • Fachewachewa

    [here's the video of my 450 points run]

    AHAHAH this is so easy compared to the test version!

    It's a really interesting idea, and like I said for Spectro Electro, I love the fact that you get better and better by learning the layout and what to do. Overall it's really fun (and it feels like you had fun finding ideas for the game too), but it is hindered by a few glitches/annoyances.

    Edit: okay it's a little less affected by learning since it's random, but you still get better/know the map

    • First, it took me two runs to notice that trophies were despawning. It's weird that you indicate it only at the start, when you're a little overwhelmed
    • The pickup/throw mechanic wasn't very consistent. Like, for higher score you kinda have to juggle multiple items at once (like the keys and records that you need to bring to the same place). Sometimes, throwing an item while standing near another will automatically pick it up, but other times it'll send one or both flying in random directions. It's a little less the case in the final build but still does weird stuff from time to time
    • I think it's been mentioned on discord, but you can't give the ring to the hedgehog, you have to put it near him and pick it up.
    • The shop don't work with the mouse, you have to use the keyboard for it.
    • Speaking of shortcuts! Why the heck is the cooldown so long? Not only do you have to wait, but you also need to move because standing on the spiral won't teleport you :( I understand a little more how the cooldown is important in the final build, but there's still the issue of the small room on the left that's made even worse if you get unlucky with the spawn, requiring you to make multiple back and forth in this specific room
    • Speaking of cooldowns! :D Why are the coins sometimes taking so long to drop from chest? Sometimes there's nothing, sometimes there is but it takes multiples seconds, and sometimes is just instant.

    Well, my biggest issue with the previous build was the balance of the coins & the shop, but this is pretty much fixed here so... yeah that's really good.

    Oh! Small issue with this build though: if you die towards the top-right but didn't open the door & don't have enough trophy points for the shortcut, you can get stuck :

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63
      • Yes, it should have been more pointed out
      • juggling is always difficult :p
      • In some occasions, the hedgehog may take your ring directly; but yes
      • (the shop mouse) Oh yeah, we didn't think of it
      • I assume it's to avoid unwilling teleport; it was a late addition, so we didn't get to test that much of the final build
      • because... hem... time is money? :D (sorry)

      Ah! softlock issue. Can you unstuck yourself by just waiting to get the AFK trophies? I wonder

      In any case thanks for playing and thanks a LOT for the very detailed feedback! Really appreciated

  • kbjwes77
    kbjwes77 kbjwes77 Level 19

    Great art, sfx, music, and design! The gameplay itself was not that engaging (to me personally) but that is literally my only complaint. There was so much depth to the game's systems it's hard to believe this was created in just 48 hours. Online highscores, upgrade system, multiple "quests" and areas to explore, tons of trophies and items.. it was near perfect for a game jam entry. Great work!

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it! :)

  • battleZays
    battleZays battleZays Level 8


  • Nyveon

    This was so much fun to play, which in my opinion is the most important factor for a game jam entry. I had to stop myself from playing it, and I got centimeters away from beating Kwisart's highscore (My name is Nyveon on the leaderboards).

    The art was flawless and very clean. I never had an issue distinguishing level elements from items or anything like that. The music and sound effects were very satisfying.

    The controls were great, however having items launched in the mouse direction felt a bit strange (I often found myself with my hand off my mouse). Having it be in the direction you are moving might have been more intuitive, but it's a very tiny detail.

    One other detail was the timer on allowing coins to be picked up, once you had the speed upgrade the timer felt a bit long, since the coins would be sitting there as you ran circles around them.

    The implementation of a leaderboard was great, and definitely kept me playing for more time than most game jam games. (Maybe a bit too much time). With each try I found myself taking mental notes of where everything was, then planning out a route. For some reason the quests I did most often were the music disc and the mail delivery ones, there's still a few elements on the map which I'm not sure what they do.

    I was almost to the point of drawing a map and marking the locations things can spawn, maybe devising a good scouting strategy. I might do that later, this is a game I will definitely be coming back to play.

    So, congratulations. You absolutely blew me away lol.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      Glad to hear all that and knowing you had fun! :D

      I agree about the controls and coins!

      The quests I did the most were the evil records (music discs) and keys!

      Thanks a lot for playing~~~

  • Allison James

    Controls well, looks superb, great idea, extremely pertinent to the theme, online highscores, sounds great, and used my font.

    Guys this is unfair, you're not meant to make things this good 😛

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      Noted, I'll make sure to make something worse next GM48! :D

      Thank you for playing~

  • Seltzy

    Stressed out of my mind collecting all these items with no idea of where to take them. Had a lot of fun though! I only gave it one playthrough, but I might come back and get some decent runs in. Art assets very nice and online high scores are always a welcome addition in my book.


    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      It was nice seeing you play the game! Thank you for playing~

  • BitRapture
    BitRapture BitRapture Level 6

    I literally have nothing to say about this game, it's insanely well made for the time it was created in, the art and sound design is very nicely implemented and everything just feels great.

    Good job guys!

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it! I think I slept the least of all gm48s so far for this .... still recovering now haha.

      Thanks again!

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ ♥

  • WangleLine 🌸

    The game was really fun, the concept is very unique and I've had fun figuring out to what creature the different items belong. I personally feel like the general point/idea of the game wasn't explained that well. Those "drops" looked like achievements and I didn't quite realize I was getting things in return for it. The highscore system is quite a nice touch! It's definitely making me want to beat other people's scores now :D

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      Hey! :D I tried the best I could to make the sounds, I hope you liked them!

      You're right, we should have given more explaination about the way trophies work! Perhaps something could warn you in game that they're about to disappear and that you need to hurry to collect them? I hope you figured it out quick enough to make your experience enjoyable!

      Also thank you for playing!

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Thank you!

      Yeah we kind of forget to explain that bit ... completely overlooked it haha. You do figure it out fairly quickly so after that you're fine but yeah, we should have explained it at the start! Bit of an oversight :P

      Ahha yes, I love some highscores on jam games. Go beat some people!

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  • Luke No Further

    A really bizarre concept - Surreal, innovative, intriguing - kinda of like an adventure game but with a timer.? To be honest I'd prefer to play without the timer and have the time to think through the little fetch puzzles rather than just running round trying to get points. It's like - I'd love to stop and smell the flowers, but sorry I gotta run maybe next time.

    Great art and smooth movement mechanics - a really interesting entry :)

    Edit: Understood - Yes excellent point, a competitive mode and a free-roam mode are pretty mutually exclusive - I forgot to mention earlier I thought the leaderboard was really cool! Does it actually check/update an online database or are they pre-populated at in the build of the game?

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      Yeah to be honest I wanted a "free mode" but that would have meant people would be able to take their time to figure out tricky plans while we wanted to emphasize on the competitive aspect!

      Also, this is part of the challenge. If you're pretty good, you get to see more stuff! But yeah, it would have been nice to have an opportunity to spend more time watching :]

      At least it does feel like a rush doesn't it? :p

      Thank you for playing!

      Edit: yes the scoreboard gets updated in real time!

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      We added a highscore focus since it tends to be fun for a game jam as everyone competes. A 'free roam' mode would erode this somewhat as some of the achievements are multi-stage (x requires 4 items, then gives you y, you take y to h who gives you j, j can be used with another item to give you a few rainbow trophies). So figuring out these things is a challenge - however if you had free roam, you could figure this stuff out, and then jump into the competitive mode and grab the highscore easily. You could still figure things out in competitive but it's harder since .... time limit!

      If we carry on with this game though I would like some sort of mode that let's you just have fun without the competitive rush, a sort of sandbox. Would have to figure it out!

      Thanks again for the feedback, hope you found some nice trophies :D

  • Zodya
    Zodya Zodya Level 2

    Great artwork really love the concept of collecting many things 💚.

  • Thomas Childs

    Best game I have played so far this jam. Love the music, humour, graphics and game-play. Definitely would love to see this fleshed out further, and also being able to have more time just so you can see more things each play-through. I couldn't seem to get enough coins for running shoes until at least halfway through my time, leaving me with not much left to effectively explore the area.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 63

      Ah! I was scared the game would be a bit too easy!

      I guess one of the items in the shop could be extra time? That's an interesting thought

      Thanks a lot for playing! :D

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Thank you, that's great to hear!

      A time increase is something we could do (if balanced nicely). Maybe it would need a negative side to it? "Time increases by 4 minutes but movement speed is cut down to 70%", could be interesting!

      We did talk about a 'free mode' where you could just explore and try things (no time limit) but the problem with this is it removes a bit of the competitive side since you could easily find everything and then go and get a highscore. We'd have to plan it carefully!

      Thanks again for the feedback!

  • Jason Newman
    Jason Newman Jason Newman Level 7

    Nice artwork, good concept, lots of things to collect. Addicting too! Nice job!