• DallinZW
  • 4 months ago
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It's a game where you collect cups

Specifically, you have a cup tower, and as you sweep mines in minesweeper, you collect more cups to add to your tower. The more sucessful tile sweeps you do in a row, the more likely a given tile will drop a cup.

Additionally, there are ten different types of cups with varying rarity, and the cups have an entry in the "CUPOPEDIA"(tm) explaining what cup you just uncovered is.


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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Neat little game. I included it in my GM48: Collect! compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    Minesweeper is a classic and great logic game, so this must be great as well, right? Well... One of the things that Minesweeper does, that this doesn't, is colour code the tiles so it's easier to tell what the different tiles are at a glance. In this game, everything is white, no matter if it's a number (and what the value is), a mine, or a flag. It's impossible to play without intensely staring at the game and going slow, quite annoying. See what a difference it makes?


    Futhermore, in a proper Minesweeper game, the first tile clicked on should NEVER be a mine, so the game doesn't result in an instant loss. You could either wait to generate the board after the player has clicked, or move the mine to another tile if there would've been a mine in that tile. In this you don't lose when finding a mine, so it's not as big of a deal, but it still feels pretty bad when the first thing is a mine >.<

    The game doesn't scale correctly when fullscreened.

  • Levi D. Smith
    Levi D. Smith Levi D. Smith Level 10

    Very cool minesweeper game. The Cupopedia was hilarious!

  • Tydecon Games

    I like the style and the idea of collecting cups, I'm just really really bad at minesweeper! But it's a fun and unique concept and I'm pretty sure you can get away with mentioning 'Sprite' haha, at least unless you get like a million downloads and suddenly they're knocking on your door looking for their cut! :)

  • havik
    havik havik Level 15

    Cool idea! I always wonder how people come up with things like this.

    I did find the minesweeper board a bit cluttered to look at when trying to see the information I needed at times, but it played well. I'd have liked there to be some sort of ... larger risk vs reward to carrying on longer with the board. Since the best strategy seems to be to just get a few cups, back out, repeat. Not entirely sure what that larger risk vs reward would be but, would be cool to have whatever it is. Maybe you can only get the rare cups after certain points instead of just an increased chance? So you want that super rare cup? Gotta clear the board!

    An interesting addition would be a shop that you can buy things to help you during the minesweeper phase - maybe a 'bomb jacket' to absorb two bombs, that sort of thing. But the catch is - everything in the shop costs cups! So you earn cups, spend cups, all with the focus of getting more and more cups!

    Great job!

  • Gelidity
    Gelidity Gelidity Level 11

    I think you included a few key features that make a game about collecting stuff feel good:

    • An encyclopedia with good flavor text about all the different things you can collect (the only aspect that improves this imo is having to collect the thing before it appears here, double-dipping on that satisfying full-collection feeling)
    • A mechanically pointless way to view your entire collecting just to appreciate the aesthetics (criminally under-included in games)

    I only wish the method of collection was something a little more exciting than minesweeper! A unique game to compliment your collection system would have kept me playing a lot longer! (Also, I found out the hard way you can re-click already exposed mines and get blown up a second time...)

    • DallinZW DallinZW
      Level 4

      Thank you so much for playing! The encyclopedia was indeed supposed to unlock cups only as you collected them: but there's a glitch somewhere in the code that lets you see them all. I do agree that minesweeper is a little underwhelming.

  • Merlo Fairhearth Greatest Adventurer

    Like the game. The phrase 'plants-vs-zombies like' made me curious, and the CUPOPEDIA did not disappoint. I love systems like that. I also enjoy how you used a simple game to complement some other system. Reminds me a lot of those match-three games, except for without microtranactions. I agree that the controls are kind of everywhere, perhaps being on screen buttons instead. Also, I encountered a fatal error of indexing a variable which is not an array. Mines can re-blow up, which is somewhat amusing as the screen shakes all over the place.

    TLDR; Really cool idea, execution pretty good, a little buggy/weird

    PS: I couldn't finish the game because I suck at minesweeper

    • DallinZW DallinZW
      Level 4

      Thanks! I'll look into that fatal error, I have a hunch where it might be.

  • Fachewachewa

    Ok I said I like the idea but I was wrong, I love it!

    Having a sort of currency that you're betting on forces you to really think about your moves, that's really interesting! I tried to clear a whole board but it ended up being a random choice and I wasn't willing to risk my hundreds of cups :D

    Onto the more specific feedback:

    • First, the biggest issue for me was the looks. It's really hard to read the grid because of the pixel graphics and the fact that everything is white. Numbers & flags should definitely be color coded to help discern everything.
    • The controls are a little bit too complicated for what it does. First, everything should be controllable with the mouse. Controls are all over the place too: enter, space, shift, escape, wasd. You kinda need 3 hands :D
    • The cupopedia was a really nice touch, helped give the player a reason to collect things.
    • Multipliers! I don't know if there is anything like that, but as it is, it feels like the optimal way to play is to keep starting new games and exiting as soon as you get a big area that'll give around 50 cups. Having a way to incite the player to keep playing on the same board could be interesting.
    • Oh and the way you calculate position on screen for text was broken for fullscreen!

    Anyway I really liked it overall, I could really see myself getting into something like that for a while with more polish.

    • DallinZW DallinZW
      Level 4

      Thank You! I totally agree with most of what you said. Playing the game after I submitted it, I noticed that my eyes actually started to hurt after squinting at the minesweeper board for long enough. I didn't say this in the game at all, but there is a multiplier: the more tiles you uncover in a row (manually, not the big spread) increases your likelyhood of finding a cup under a given (safe) tile. However, that's definitely not enough to fix the problem you posed. The text position glitch was known, I just didn't care enough to fix it.

      Thank you so much for playing my game!


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