• Hold down the jump button to jump higher, tap the jump button for small jumps.

  • Controller Compatible

  • Otherwise use WADS and M to jump

  • Press down while on a wall to drop down <-------- !!!

Thank you so much for playing.

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  • Jupiter Hadley

    Interesting game. I included it in my GM48: Collect! compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/rCsnYYXDjwo

  • AcHeHex

    I think you nailed that feeling of an old school platformer. Controls are amooth and responsive (even if M to jump is pretty unique :p) I think the biggest issue is the camera, I feel like it can be a bit more zoomed out and instead of lagging behind you, moving ahead of the direction you are going because it sucks jumping and getting hit by a bee you couldnt see, or doing a blind drop because you can't quite tell what's below you. Other than that it was a charming and fun entry that I'm happy I 100%'d.

  • Swisspick

    The art style kinda scared me at the beginning but it felt very nostalgic quickly afterwards. Level Design was nice and the music wasn't bad either. Solid entry, I had fun playing it!



  • Levi D. Smith

    I had a lot of fun playing as Mister Squirrel! Took me a little bit to figure out that the M key is jump. I couldn't get past the 28 gem sign in the third level.

  • baku

    This looked and sounded quite good. I wasn't the biggest fan of the control scheme (personally I prefer arrow keys over WASD in platformers, and M for jump was quite unusual), but it wasn't too bad!



  • Atticus Lee

    It was interesting that the wall jumps were part of the core mechanics; I don't see that often in platformers. It takes a while to get used to, but once you do it's quite alright.

    Considering the game cover and the ingame art style, it was very reminiscence of the old NES games. It felt like an even more genuine experience considering we didn't get to meet the second squirrel from the game cover.

  • C. Lee
    • Level 3

    2yrs ago

    Sick beats! I enjoyed collecting everything while saving buddies to unlock the end and show those brutes who's boss.

  • ZedSquadron

    Nice entry, reminded me of something I would have played back in the SNES era. I thought the artwork and level design both had a lot of charm!

    A few minor things:

    • I had a bit of difficulty with the controls, though I'm sure if I had a gamepad plugged in, it wouldn't have been an issue.
    • The flashing during the coin pick-up could maybe be tuned down a bit.

    Overall, good work :)

    • Chris

      I used a controller to test the game and as a result the keyboard controls are lacking but is something I can improve on for the next time. You're definitely right about the flashing on item pickup. I must of had a glare on my monitor or something when I made that because it didn't seem bad until I tested it later on. Anyways thank you so much for playing, SNES is probably my favorite console of all time so it's a big influence for me.

  • Nadabladam

    I was determined to beat this game once I started playing. The collectibles were really well placed and satisfying to pick up. The art work was also pretty good with a nice SNES style.

    Some of the music felt a little out of place since it was more of a darker tone with a very jolly looking forest setting.

    The controls also felt a little unresponsive and the jump key was a little awkward as "M" but once I got used to it, it wasn't too bad.

    Pretty good game jam game that made me think of Cup Head. I wish there were more levels!

    • Chris

      Thanks for playing and making it to the end, also thank you for the feedback. I used a usb controller for testing so the keyboard controls were a bit whacky as a result but I'll make sure I improve next time. SNES is definitely a big influence for me, I'm happy you noticed that. Thanks again!

  • Fachewachewa

    I... I couldn't get past the 2nd level :( There's like 2 big jump that I can barely get sometimes, and it's not enough for the follow up.

    Also, the flashing is a little intense, and I wish you didn't force the fullscreen, because some things don't scale up very well (especially the GUI) and I have a big screen.

    Other than that it's pretty cool, the artstyle is cute and the way you collect stuff reminded me of oldschool platformers.

    • Chris

      Well i'm glad you got to see the angry bees at least. I'll make full screen optional on my next game and try to come up with better effects instead of screen flashing for item collection. However, I stand by the difficulty of the jumps on level 2. Just gotta hold down the jump button for those higher jumps.

  • BattleToads4ever

    This was a lot of fun! Great level design. The collectables are done perfectly. Play it now!