Rogue's Gallery

Rogue's Gallery

  • JesusAcHe
  • 4 months ago
  • 36th


In this top down museum-crawler use your ingenuity to steal some of the world's most valuable items. Use your roll for extra speed, push obstacles out of your way and dodge all the traps that had been laid out.

This is my first time joining a 48 hour jam (I'm more used to 72), so I had to make sacrifices. Namely sounds and levels. But I hope you enjoy this short 4 level mute adventure.


  • Arrow Keys : Movement
  • C Key : Roll
  • X Key : Steal
  • ESC : Pause

You can Retry the Level from the Pause Menu.

Direct Input Controllers are also supported!

Alt text Alt text


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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Very fun concept! I included it in my GM48: Collect! compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    Really short, but really sweet! Super polished. I love the art and the humour in the animations and designs. That banana 😂

    The fact that there are music and sound sliders, yet there is no audio at all, seems a little odd lol

  • Paulo Brunassi

    Hey, this is GOLD! Id love to see this game expanded. The art, and animation are amazing, it's a shame the lack of sound. Great job!

  • Fachewachewa

    Apart for the occasional depth issues and the lack of content, this is very good. It's a shame you ran out of time because I would have loved to play more of this.

    Bonus point for the X/C controls instead of Z/X ! :D

    • JesusAcHe JesusAcHe
      Level 2

      I thought I had come up with a clever depth sorting system, but it is only with hindsight that I saw all the issues it had. Thank you for playing <3

  • MintyPython
    MintyPython MintyPython Level 7

    I'd love to see more levels of this. The art is all really good, the stealing animation is top notch, and I like the silliness of it, with the thief's goofy smile and the banana art. There's a lot to like here, very polished work, it's a shame about the lack of sound.

    • JesusAcHe JesusAcHe
      Level 2

      Thanks for the feedback! I have no musical bone in my body so it's a shame it ended up this way :p

  • Jason Newman
    Jason Newman Jason Newman Level 4

    Wow, absolutely incredible art and polish. Some clever puzzles, and I'm impressed at the mechanics you were able to implement in 48 hours.

    My only complaints would be that I did not realize I could steal the tutorial on the first level and almost gave up lol! Maybe a diamond or something more obvious would have been better. And of course, the lack of any sound, but what are you gonna do? It's a game jam and you killed it on every other aspect, so job very well done and you should be super proud of this!

    You mentioned being used to 72 hour game jams, what game jam is that? I'm interested in trying some other ones out.

    • JesusAcHe JesusAcHe
      Level 2

      Thanks for playing! I think maybe I should've left the tutorial be its own room without anything else to do to really drive the point home. My favourite jam is Ludum Dare, there's 48 and 72 hours versions, almost all the same rules of GM48 apply but they are open to any game engine (and even board games!), the next one is on April.

  • Chris
    Chris Chris Level 13

    Great artwork and the game feels great. even without sound it's still a fun game

    • JesusAcHe JesusAcHe
      Level 2

      Thank you <3 The lack of sound was for that true stealth game experience, haha.

  • Tydecon Games

    I love the art style in this and the execution is well-made, nicely polished too! I did find a few issues with depth, clipping in front of things I should be behind of and vice-versa, but then the lazers and puzzle elements were very clever and the instructions were very clear. I liked it, great job!

  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi Level 16

    I couldn't hear the sound effects or music :( Is that a problem with my computer or a problem with the game?

    • JesusAcHe JesusAcHe
      Level 2

      The game has no sound. I didn't have time to remove the volume options at the end so they are just.. there :p Sorry for the confusion.


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