Modern Noah

Modern Noah

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You are Noah and have foreseen another flood. You have prepared Arks for each species, now you only need to place them on their designated Ark. Since you are a bit forgetful, you decided to collect the animals in pairs.

Each animal has their designated Ark

foxes go to the top left fox Ark giraffes go to the top right giraffe Ark rabbits go to the bottom left rabbit Ark elephants go to the bottom right elephant Ark

If you are near an Ark it will be selected. If you carry two animals and press 'space' you will deliver the animals to this Ark selected Ark You will take/place animals to the currently selected filed (marked with blue) selected field Animals that are moving will block the filed they are currently going to with a red cross. blocked field If you have two of the same animals in your hand, you have to deliver them to an Ark. If you deliver an Animal to the wrong Ark, you will loose 100 points and loose your multiplier. If you deliver them to the right Ark, you will gain 100 points times the current multiplier.

If you only carry one animal, you can place it down on any field of your choosing. Once you have two animals of the same type in your hands, you cannot place the m any more on the field.

The animals will speed up each 5 correct delivered animals.


If an animal wants to walk to the third row and it is blocked you loose.


  • 100 points for correct animal, +1 to multiplier for that species
  • -100 points for wrong animal


  • Arrow Keys: move around
  • Space bar: pick up/place animal / deliver animals to Ark


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