Super Basement Cleaner

Super Basement Cleaner

  • BitRapture
  • 1 year ago
  • 33rd

You're a house cleaner with the task of cleaning a hoarder's infested basement. It can't be that bad right? Just suck up a couple rats here and there and collect any dirt they leave behind...

The basement dweller has given you a list of chores to do: Collect any dirt, suck up any rats, slimes or tanks(?).


  • [Z] button powers the vacuum
  • [X] button fires any bullets you've collected
  • Arrow Keys let's you move around, look at you go!


  • You have a cooldown on your vacuum that lasts 3 seconds
  • Slimes deal 1 heart of damage
  • Rats deal 2 hearts of damge
  • Tanks deal 3 hearts of damge, the bullets they fire deal 1 heart of damage
  • You can collect bullets that spawn or that are fired from tanks
  • Health items can be found randomly but they become scarcer every round

I wasn't able to fully develop the win screen, hence why there is a crude drawing compared to the other pixel art lol. You will be softlocked if you finish the game so congrats I guess? if you win.

I hope you enjoy the game!

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  • JakeZ
    JakeZ JakeZ Level 1

    Listen up home boys, this game is a tenner / tenner. Feel me?

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 60 Here's your feedbaaaaack

  • baku
    baku baku Level 52 Patron

    Great intro dialogue! I love Henry the Horda' :D When reading his dialogue I couldn't quite decide if his accent was supposed to be British or Brooklyn or what xD

    The "game" part of the game was so damn hard, man. Enemies moving at the speed of sound, dodging bullets like it's slalom at the winter olympics. Their iframes last a bit too long. I can only shoot in straight horisontal/vertical lines but the tanks can do diagonal, pfffft. It controls well and everything, it's just too punishing >.<

    • BitRapture BitRapture
      Level 6

      Thanks for playing my game!

      Henry the Horda' was meant to be a thicc British accent haha, I was actually thinking of VA'ing him if I didn't run out of time x)

      And yeah, I should've thought more about the difficulty, that is the one big thing that is prominent through all of my game projects lol

  • kbjwes77
    kbjwes77 kbjwes77 Level 19

    The intro story was great, but left me feeling a little underwhelmed with the rest of the game. It was a little sparse, and the vermin were hard to effectively maneuver and attack without taking damage. But the fast movement speed and complexity of the level kept me going. Would have enjoyed having a secondary goal/mechanic instead of just running around sucking up dust and vermin. Cool pixel art biceps though!

    • BitRapture BitRapture
      Level 6

      Thanks for playing my game!

      Yeah, another goal would have been a good idea to add, I think some achievements would have served it well too.

  • Seltzy

    I think I already gave some feedback when you watched me play this before but I'll write some stuff down regardless:

    • Characters move at sonic speed which is makes some stuff difficult.
    • 3hp is very punishing.
    • Would be cool if only hitting enemies put the vacuum on cooldown rather then using it at all.
    • Got a kick out of sucking up dust, very satisfying.
    • Actually didn't feel too bad about the map size or finding enemies early (mostly since you move so fast).
    • I dig the intro and the ending that I saw totally legitimately.

    Good stuff!

    • BitRapture BitRapture
      Level 6

      Thank you for playing! It was awesome to see it being played live haha.

      I agree with all the points you’ve stated, Mach 7 speed most definitely plays a part in the overall hardness of the game, something that I’ll definitely change for a future release. I love that idea of the cool down and I wish I had thought of adding it!

  • ZedSquadron

    Nice work. I like the 1-bit artwork, music...and the cut scene was really nice. I like what you did there.

    The idea/theme was pretty cool as well. Good work!

    A few notes:

    • Had a little bit of trouble figuring out how to suck up the vermin with the vacuum (how many hits it was going to take to beat them), so I died a few times before i got that down. No big deal there, but some sort of health meter for them could be something to think about.
    • World seemed a little empty. Maybe consider shrinking it down a bit to keep the game play more action focused and less walking focused.
    • BitRapture BitRapture
      Level 6

      It's great to see that these are the major points that most have pointed out, I definitely agree that I need to up the spawn rate and add a healthbar to enemies.

      Thank you for your feedback and for playing the game! :D

  • Paulo Brunassi

    Nice concept and execution. I fell that the room could be smaller, or to have a higher spawn rate for enemies. Overall, fun game, good job!

    • BitRapture BitRapture
      Level 6

      Thank you! I will make sure to crank the enemy spawn rate when I release it to itchio in the future ;)

  • Tydecon Games
    Tydecon Games Tydecon Games Level 17

    It's a great concept and an original design, I especially like the opening cut scene, I just feel with a little more time this could be expanded. Maybe having plenty of small rooms instead of one giant one would make it feel a little less empty sometimes when you're wondering around looking for an enemy. This has a lot of potential and I like what you did, with a little more time spent on it, it could be a gem!

    • BitRapture BitRapture
      Level 6

      Thank you! And yeah I’m definitely going to polish this up for an itchio release at some point, i definitely needed to work on the vacant space haha.

  • Fachewachewa

    I couldn't beat the game, the room always felt too big and I had no idea where I should go.

    I think the random generation actually hurts the game here, simple levels would have been better than just random rooms with lots of enemies to kill. [edit: oh I had a doubt :D Do we spawn at different places in the map? Anyways it kinda feels that way because of the open rooms and maze like corridors, it's hard to recognize any specific place in the room.]

    The vacuum idea is interesting but the cooldown felt too restrictive. I understand why it's there since it protects you from shots, but when you're using it normally, it's a little much.

    And it's simple, but I liked the artstyle.

    • BitRapture BitRapture
      Level 6

      Yeah, I found that the enemy spawn rate was way too low to compensate the large map, the task given was to suck dirt and kill any mobs you find along the way but with the scarceness of them in the beginning I can see that players will get bored of searching for them, or in your case get confused.

      The map is actually not randomly generated, I wanted to code that in however I was unsure on how to do so and I didn't want to waste most of my time implementing a buggy feature haha.

      Another user also told me about the vacuum cooldown too, I was trying to aim for a gun feel where you'd use it up and then you would need to recharge/reload it but I think I made the cooldown too long maybe (3 seconds is what it is currently).

      I'm not really sure what I can comment on the simplicity of it haha, typically that's a good thing no? Regardless I'm glad you liked the art style, that's one thing I've been working on for a while :)

      Thanks for trying the game out!

  • GuineaPigCuber

    it's pretty fun! at first i thought that the movement speed was too high, but it got used to it fast. henry is a fun character, and the idea of using a vaccum as a weapon is pretty funny.

    over all a great little game, had fun playing it!

    • BitRapture BitRapture
      Level 6

      That's great to hear! Thank you for playing my game :D

  • The Great Gatsby

    The graphics were great, and Henry the Hoarder was hilarious. It took a while for me to find enemies and stuff, and most of the time I'm just running around looking for things. I think what would really make it better is a definable goal. Great game and good job!

    • BitRapture BitRapture
      Level 6

      Thank you! And yeah, the checklist maaaay have been a little too much for the proper goal. And I really should've increased the enemy spawn rate for the first couple rounds.