Super Basement Cleaner

Super Basement Cleaner

  • BitRapture
  • 1 month ago
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You're a house cleaner with the task of cleaning a hoarder's infested basement. It can't be that bad right? Just suck up a couple rats here and there and collect any dirt they leave behind...

The basement dweller has given you a list of chores to do: Collect any dirt, suck up any rats, slimes or tanks(?).


  • [Z] button powers the vacuum
  • [X] button fires any bullets you've collected
  • Arrow Keys let's you move around, look at you go!


  • You have a cooldown on your vacuum that lasts 3 seconds
  • Slimes deal 1 heart of damage
  • Rats deal 2 hearts of damge
  • Tanks deal 3 hearts of damge, the bullets they fire deal 1 heart of damage
  • You can collect bullets that spawn or that are fired from tanks
  • Health items can be found randomly but they become scarcer every round

I wasn't able to fully develop the win screen, hence why there is a crude drawing compared to the other pixel art lol. You will be softlocked if you finish the game so congrats I guess? if you win.

I hope you enjoy the game!


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