Supermoves 2

Supermoves 2

  • Allison James
  • 1 year ago
  • 18th

Mouse: Aim

Left Click: Fire

Move mouse to left/right of screen: Switch side of planet

13 years after the great Supermoves war of 2007, the invaders are back - bigger, badder, and brillianter. Defend both the left and the right hand sides of your planet at the same time, with a pair of building-mounted guns​ that can take down even the strongest foes, and keep yourself alive as long as possible.

Made in ~10 dev hours by Allison James, including programming, graphics, and music.

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  • Nyveon

    Got 3.3 million on my first run, and had lots of fun doing it!

    Artstyle and effects fit the game really well, music fits very well as well without being repetitive. My main feedback would be that sometimes sneaky enemies would go behind the score/hp bar and I wouldn't know where to aim.

    Overall very solid entry! Congratulations :)

  • Fachewachewa

    This is pretty cool 👀 got around 1.4 mil I think.

    The game feels really good to play, even if the side switching led me to loose a few lifes at the start (clicking outside the window or switching side by aiming too close to the planet).

    As other have stated, I'm not sure how I could beat the two triangular bosses. And I'm not fan of the effect behind the shots where the dots seem to glitch out.

    But apart from that it's all good!



    • Allison James

      Thank you!

      Yep, the third instance of the two huge enemies is not possible to pass without damage. You can defeat both of them on the first and second, but only one of them on the third. My mistake, I made a fair few tweaks to all the enemies' behaviours and difficulty scaling and didn't test far enough late enough to catch that.

      As for the background, artifact of me doing a new thing from scratch. Definitely an effect I'll be iterating on, although not for Supermoves, in the future, to make it prettier, faster, and also less squiffy xD

  • Veralos

    Super cool game! The idea of having to switch between two sides is neat and executed quite well. It's a nice touch having the red bar to show when enemies are approaching so you don't have to keep checking both sides constantly. The gameplay overall is fun and satisfying.

    The game looks great too. The weird exploding rainbow grid thing is a really neat effect and adds a lot of flair to the action. The rest of the visuals are clean and effective. I enjoyed the music a lot as well. Just a great package all round.

  • Peter 🌊 Jørgensen

    My highscore was 1.6 million! :D

  • Megan
    • Level 11
    1yr ago

    Wow what a cool concept! What's Supermoves 1? My high score is 1,733,840. I like the psychedelic background and the bulging effect when the ships are destroyed, but at the same time the rainbow lined background makes it a bit hard to see the targeting lines.

    • Allison James

      Thank you! Like with my previous GM48 entry, I had to try and balance style over playability, and yet again, probably tipped slightly further towards the former for my personal taste than most people would like xD

      Supermoves is a game I made in 2007! This serves almost as a reboot rather than a sequel, as the basic idea of two guns on a planet is all they really share (S2 was written from scratch for the jam since S1 was made in GameMaker 6 and with DnD!), but I don't like reboots 😅

  • Tero Hannula

    It was well done, felt fluidy. Targeting was bit hard with background. I think you should use diagonal lines to represent cursor, which maybe could have be seen bit better against other lines. Maybe swapping sides could have been made with button, as near-planet threats were hard to hit without moving accidently to other side.

    My score was 1491680, in the end it was impossible to beat those two ships, bit too fast, as GameDevDan stated.

    It was good entry :)

    • Allison James

      Thank you! I went with horizontal/vertical as a throwback to the original Supermoves, since 2 didn't do a whole lot else in the same way as 1. 13 years of personal development I guess xD

  • dosto
    • Level 13
    1yr ago

    Well weren't those supermoves on the background grid cool!

    The usability was polished, responsivity to specific actions was well designed (only the starting scene with swinging text made me feel a bit seasick haha). Even playing on the screen between two other screens worked without any notable laging.

    Difficulty could have escalated more quickly for my taste but otherwise well balanced and polished game.

  • GameDevDan

    Neat premise and I like the smoothness of the movements and the psychedelic background effect, although the graphical style in general sometimes made it hard to see what was going on.

    The gameplay was fun but needs difficulty balancing. At a certain point it just becomes near impossible to clear the enemies in time (I died when the two big boss ships pincer movemented me and one of them got to well over half way close before I could destroy the other one).

    High Score: 1,669,670

    • Allison James

      Thanks Dan!

      Yeah agreed on the criticism, I only found out in my post-upload trialling that the big ships' highest speed is slightly too fast as to be unfair; as per usual for me, a whole lot of the game's progression is background dynamic stuff being generated at random, I just needed to test it a wee bit more xD

  • Sindre Hauge Larsen

    Got a score of 1061900!
    Very nice and slick geometry-wars-esque visuals, almost a bit trippy :D
    Had fun playing it.
    If anything could have been improved, I'd prefer if the game kept your mouse in the center. I have multiple monitors so it's easy to accidentally click outside the game window when switching sides.
    All in all a nice little game, good job!

    • Allison James

      Thank you very much!

      I agree on stopping that issue, I had it as well being on a dual screen setup myself. I will keep that idea in my pocket either for Supermoves 2 1.1 or for something else going forward, sure it'll be good advice!

  • Tydecon Games

    The style of this game is AMAZING! I really love the retro vibes and the way the background geometry swishes out of place and back again, genius! I do feel the game itself gets a little samey after a while, my only critique is that I'd have liked to see a little more variety, some powerups or something - I hope you continue development on this, you've got the style down, a little more content would make this perfect! :)

  • illdie

    I absolutely love the aesthetic, and the concept is very cool. I did have some issues trying to shoot enemies that got really close to my planet, it's very common to accidentally swap to the other side and miss your chance to take them down; maybe the planet should be a little larger so there's more leeway in that regard? In any case, great game, and fantastic effects work!

    • Allison James

      Thank you very much!

      It was tough to balance the planet/screen positioning for controls with the need for as much enemy spacing as possible, and it could definitely have been tweaked a little better to make it a little smoother. (I probably should also have not made the gun's angle cap at 90 degrees either way!) 😄

  • ZedSquadron

    Really neat idea, and a super polished game. I really liked the Geometry Wars style ripples when you fire (would love to know how you pulled that off).

    The way you did the "switch sides" mechanic was also really clever. and kept things frantic and fun.

    Great work :)



    • Allison James

      Thank you! Been wanting to make an effect akin to GW's background since it came out - finally took this game as an opportunity to do it!

      As for how I did it: I'm pretty sure this is an awful way from an optimisation perspective, but essentially, there are a grid of dot objects which draw a line to their neighbouring dots, which have a small "return smoothly to my home spot" script if they detect they have been moved, and then an Explode script anything can call that forces all dots in an area to gain speed and change position by a given amount.

      That meant that bullets fired, ships exploding and the planet pulsing on the main menu could all call the Explode script with various magnitudes and positions, and then the dots reacted accordingly 😄

      I'm sure there's some form of shader or other solution that would be a lot less heavy (I made an HTML5 version of Supermoves 2, but it lags too much as to be unplayable) but that is for a time when I'm not limited to 2 days' work xD

  • Grunlock

    Amazing game! Everything is polished to a high degree. Great art, music and gameplay. I love the grid effects and the crosshair extending to the edge of the screen is oddly satisfying. Excellent work!



  • Wahoo
    • Level 15
    1yr ago

    Fantastic game, in all aspects! I really like the grid effects :) Well done!



    • Allison James

      Thank you very much! 😄 That grid effect's been on my "game dev bucket list" for years now, finally glad to have found a reason to make it xD