the goal is to collect the coconuts and get the highest score.

your score is lowered when hit, so dont get hit also dont touch the power plants or the trees.


Please take a screenshot of your final score and put it in Feedback.


Movement: WASD/Arrows
Jump: Space
Shoot: Point and click

F4: Game End
F5: Game Restart
F10: Fullscreen

Maybe there's gamepad support, maybe not. I wrote the code, but didn't bother testing it.

(this game is a parody)

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I knew that I wasn't ever going to have time or the distraction-free environment to fully commit to developing a game, so I just tried to have fun and make a parody game of a funny moment that happened in one of my "tehwave plays gm(48)" livestreams. I don't think that I actually learned anything, but I had fun and that was the result I wanted. Thanks for playing, and thanks for participating!