In this game you are in charge of your own little world of small beings. A sickness is spreading, and it is up to you to keep your world running, whether that be through random chance or strategy.

You can play the game in three different difficulties, which among other things will vary the starting number of inhabitants as well as the amount of infected to begin with.

The sickness

The spreading sickness is dangerous. Given enough time, it will kill your inhabitants, and it spreads through both touching and sneezing! However, inhabitants don't show symptoms and won't spread the sickness right away, and the hospitals can only help them once they reach the symptomic phase! It's a dangerous, ticking time bomb - watch out!

Controls and gameplay

Everything in this game is done by using the mouse. You can move inhabitants around by clicking and dragging them either to make sure they keep a distance to each other, or to put them to work in the industry or bring them to the hospital.

Having inhabitants on the INDUSTRY-platform will make cash flow. Each day will put a little money aside per worker, which will be paid out at the beginning of a new week. But beware: The INDUSTRY-platform is much smaller than your MAIN-platform, which increases the risk of spreading deceases!

Having inhabitants on the HOSPITAL-platform will slowly administer medicine to them. However, there's not a lot medicine to go around, so having more inhabitants on the platform will not only help the sickness spread faster, but also limit the amount of medicine for each patient.

But fear not! Saving up money allows you to upgrade the hospital, thereby increasing the amounts of medicine to distribute!

Final notes

The game is a simulation game (of course very much inspired by the Corona-situation), and there is no programmed win-condition. Though of course you have kinda won if you win over the decease 😉

Hope you enjoy my little game! Sorry about the lack of music.

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  • Tydecon Games

    I think it's very cute as an idea, though I feel like with more time there could be more opportunity to add different areas for the little guys to go and different things for them to do, I feel like this is a really good start to a promising game and I look forward to seeing what it'll become if you work more on it post-jam! :)

  • Tero Hannula

    I love characters as they are so cure ^^ and I didn't read the description first, so I wasn't sure about the goal first, and didn't know they were sneezing. Eventually it clicked, adorable szeeses :) I hoped there was way to select multuple at once. I managed to get Hospital level 20 without anyone getting too sick, and then I just let everybody get sick and just make money (And then managed to get 4 upgrades before first death). It was also nice everybody had name :)

    (game crashed after my first year passed, 6 deaths, and hospital was level 30. I got more people in than they died.)

    • Simon Milfred
      • Level 17
      • Developer

      2yrs ago

      Thank you for the feedback - you are not the first proposing multi-select, and I do agree it would be a nice addition :D

      And thank you for notifying me about the crash :)

  • Veralos
    • Level 38

    2yrs ago

    The exact rules of the game didn't seem that clear to me. The colour difference between healthy and sick people was very minor so a lot of the time I couldn't tell the status of each person. I'm not sure what exactly the hospital does - I presume it's supposed to heal people but if/when it did I could really tell. It's possible this stuff was supposed to be deliberately vague but I found it hard to strategise when I didn't really get was going on.

    I know this was a bit critical but I really do like the idea and wish I could have enjoyed it more. The concept is clever and seems well though out. The presentation of the game is also very nice. The little people look very cute and the sound effects are charming too.

    • Simon Milfred
      • Level 17
      • Developer

      2yrs ago

      Critique is good, and I thank you for it :)

      I wanted the exact behavior of the decease to be vague, so that part of the game was to get to understand it, but the vagueness could absolutely be balanced better. Had I had more time (as one says in any game jam) I would probably made everything more clear on easy mode, and then have it more subtle (but same base rules) moving towards hard.

  • Nyveon

    Super cute art and sound effects!

    I tried a few different gameplay styles, my favorite however (and in a very dark disturbing dystopian manner) was to stick everyone into the industry, and let them generate as much money as possible. Once there were only about 10 left alive, I upgraded the hospital as much as I could, got rid of the dead bodies and then played passively healing the "employees" who got sick.

    My main feedback would be maybe having healthiness be instead of a scale from pink to grey, maybe pink to a colour? It was kind of hard to differentiate the healthy ones from the sick (that might, however have been your goal).

    Also some tool to add more crowd control would have been interesting (Maybe slow down zones, grab and move in groups, add physical obstacles to the map, there's many options)

    Really liked how you integrated the current world situation into the jam's theme! Overall, good job :D!

    Upgrade to grab many at once?

    • Simon Milfred
      • Level 17
      • Developer

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for playing - and for the great feedback :D

      Yeah the visibility of the healthiness was a hard balance. In the beginning I made them turn green, but having them too obvious also made the illness too easy to clear fast. Still, much room for improvement :)

      I think the multi-pick would be a nice idea, especially if the game were to be extended in other ways. Because yeah, more tools would be awesome.

  • Chris

    Sound effects were good and I enjoyed the animations of the little dudes. Unfortunately my hospital was packed with sick little dudes. I made it pretty far though

  • Sindre Hauge Larsen

    So I started off by putting a few workers in the industry building while manually distancing the rest in the main area. It worked for a while, but they started getting sick in both places. So I moved the sick ones to the hospital, where lots and lots of them died. A necessary sacrifice for the greater good. After a while I realized keeping all the dead ones in the hospital might not be a good idea, so I made a graveyard in the corner. Then I put all the living ones in the industry, and shuttle-bussed the sick ones to and from the hospital to work. With this strategy I was able to upgrade my hospital more and more without anyone really dying. Then I figured I'd just leave them to work so that I could save up for a vacation at the bahamas! I finished year 1 with a total of 40 deaths and a hospital level 22. Cute little game!

    • Simon Milfred
      • Level 17
      • Developer

      2yrs ago

      That's a pretty alright run, fun tactic :D Hope you have a nice vacation 😉 (WHEN our real-life corona-problems lay low, and you are allowed to travel)

      • In-game currency may not be viable in the real world