• rhebok
  • 5 months ago
  • 53rd

Escape the cave by all means.

Use WASD to move, Space to interact and Escape to quit.


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  • Nyveon

    The art is really cool, and the ambience track fits perfectly.

    Reading the quotes was interesting, but I wish there had been more gameplay beyond that.

    Overall, interesting project though! :D

  • Tero Hannula

    Sadly it seems there is not more to play, it looked nice and could have been nice point and click game.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    The quotes are nice, but it's shame this isn't a bit more substantial. For what it's worth, the visuals look great. I like the use of a limited palette. The music is good too.

  • Eva
    Eva Eva Level 11

    I liked the palette and quotes! The quote about music was rather ironic, I thought.

  • AtomicDouche
    AtomicDouche AtomicDouche Level 14

    Lovely art and quotes. Wish it was a full game.

    • rhebok rhebok
      Level 2

      Thanks, I'll let you know if I do something more with it !

  • Chris

    I enjoyed this. I feel enlightened. I did wish it was more substantial but the quotes were nice.

    • rhebok rhebok
      Level 2

      I'm glad, I wish I had more time to add a gameplay mechanic too :(

  • illdie
    illdie illdie Level 7

    I like the art and aesthetic, though it was kind of jarring that the music stopped whenever I read one of the quotes.

    • rhebok rhebok
      Level 2

      Thanks, I wanted to lower the volume but i didn't have the time to add that in, music was very last minute xD

  • Animalization

    Love the art, though, what I needed to do was not very clear. I interacted with all items I could, and it seemed there was nothing to do after that. Great job on the art though, it's very good!

    • rhebok rhebok
      Level 2

      Thanks, that is all there is though :p