Hi! This is just a tech demo of a golf ball on a small planet.

We unfortunately couldn't get 3D collisions working, and had lots of quaternion toubles as well.

Hopefully you'll find it enjoyable still.

🏌️‍♂️💨🌑  🌍


Click and drag to aim your shot, release to shoot!

Made by:

Code & Art: Baku

Music & SFX: kbjwes77

Listen to the music again

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  • ZedSquadron

    Aw man, I wish you guys were able to turn this into a full game for the jam. Really impressive demo though! I had a fun time just testing the clubs out. Great graphics (nice looking UI/dialog stuff at the beginning), nice sounds. Any plans to flesh this out?



    • baku

      2yrs ago


      And mmmmmaybe.... haven't had time to look further into the things I couldn't finish during the jam, such as collisions, but I'll definitely do that at some point. Once that's worked out, maybe it's worth revisiting this idea? 🤔

  • Tero Hannula

    I liked the visuals and sounds, it was well made. Too bad you didn't get collisions working, the idea was wonderful and visuals appealing. Playing golf on Earth with Moon, yup :)

    • baku

      2yrs ago

      Thanks! :D

      It was kinda last minute that I thought of making the ball be the moon, but in hindsight it's a totally obvious fit! xD

  • Nyveon

    As always, the visuals of the game blow me away. Great music as well. Really like the different clubs (and the orbitron, a must have for every space-golfer's golf bag). Also like the earth but hot feature.

    I can totally understand it being only a tech demo, since I can't even begin to imagine how all the features that are there are implemented, much less the features that aren't there. Can't imagine how hard it must have been.

    Super impressive for what it is! Good job :D

    • baku

      2yrs ago

      Thanks! I'm definitely satisfied with what I managed to get working (basic quaternion rotation, and lots of shader stuff), even if the rest of the more complicated things failed! xD

  • Nick
    • Level 4

    2yrs ago

    Impressive tech, amazing music and cool retro 3D graphics! Ocean is lava made me giggle.

  • Veralos
    • Level 38

    2yrs ago

    It's only a demo like you said, but what's here is really cool. The idea of having to navigate a a golf ball around a small planet is neat and it's fun just shooting the ball around. The game feels super polished with beautiful graphics, a clean UI and nice music. I also appreciated the little details like having alternate specs for the lava planet. Sorry, I mean "Earth but hot".

    • baku

      2yrs ago

      Thanks! After everything failed and I knew I wouldn't be able to submit a full game, I just started adding small bits of polish like that instead xD

  • TobyMoby

    Alright, you already said yourself it wasn't finished in time. So I'll just give feedback to what there is, instead of telling you of the stuff that's missing which you very well already know :D

    The visuals are stunning. The UI, like the icons for the clubs, the textbox etc all look so very polished, there are fully released games out there that look way worse haha The planet in and for itself is very cool, and I somehow can't help but think about sending little troops around it like in Planetary Annihilation :D So the tech for the planet itself has so much potential. And if a ball can go around, so can little mecha troops i guess. But i digress.

    I wish you would've been able to finish it, but I'm definately looking forward to whatever comes of you in the next jam! :)

  • Fachewachewa

    The wood is too weak 0/10



  • Sindre Hauge Larsen

    I approve of your use of quaternions! Excellent visuals, hope you'll actually make a game (with collisions) out of this!

  • Chris

    This is really cool, my favorite part was the orbitron club. It's super well done even the dialog box had a professional polish

  • Wahoo
    • Level 16

    2yrs ago

    Such a shame that the "zooping" got out of hand. Still a really good demo. Good work



  • Tydecon Games

    For what it is, this is incredible. This shows amazing potential and incredible coding skills - even as just a toy-like tech demo, I've spent more time on this than some of the other entries. I'm very impressed! Please keep working on this, I'd love to play this as a completed project!

    • baku

      2yrs ago

      Wow, thank you!! I might continue to try and solve the many problems I encountered, if I can then I might finish it.

  • Allison James

    I think this could maybe have done with some refocusing of efforts, because it is so, so close to being something stunning - heck, forget collisions even, just a hole that sort of half heartedly detected a ball existed near it then the world regenerated with an incrementing level would be awesome to toy around with longer term!

    It's so strange that the presentation has so much depth and polish and you can even change clubs - with unique sound effects - but you can't just stick the ball into a hole a few times.

    Definitely one for future building-up. The idea of a small-planet-scale golf invokes feelings of Futurama's "Into the Wild Green Yonder" and I've only just now realised how much I'd love a game of that!

    • baku

      2yrs ago

      Hindsight is 20/20, and looking at something you weren't involved with is even more so.

      Believe me, I tried! After giving up on collisions, I wanted to just define certain points on the sphere as points of interest (e.g. holes, terrain types, etc.) but even that failed, after hours and hours my attempts at finding a distance-between-quaternions never worked :/

      It was headache after headache. In the end, I just polished up what I had and put it out. It was either that, or not release anything at all 🙃

  • Animalization

    Visuals and overall feel are really awesome, even if there is barely anything to do, the concept of what you were going to make was really good, hope you expand this into an entire game!