Run for your life!

can you make it in time?

Blow stuff up!

Pickup items and use them to clear your way!

But be wary: your boat is small thus it can't carry the whole world

Dance with your buddies!

and save them... eventually? I mean who cares, let's just dance

But most importantly...
Protec the goose

In the end it all comes to one simple thing:

It's either Goose or lose

move with arrows

interact with space

have fun with goose no lose <3

Can also be played here:

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  • Fachewachewa

    This is a really cool and clever game! The idea that saving stuff & people also fills up your ship & prevents you from moving is really insteresting. Like, you can decide to sacrifice a direction, and that a really interesting choice.

    What I didn't really like is the level generation. It possible to get a really "bad seed" and get in a tunnel of a few island without realizing you're in a dead end and need to back up, which is quickly impossible because of the storm. Maybe having "safe" tunnels on the top & bottom would help a little.



  • baku

    This was fun! Having to balance collecting things vs being able to move around was neat. Gets kinda tiring to play after a while though, with that constant tapping on the arrow keys. Especially when you start seeing the wall come, and you start moving even faster! xD

    Took me an embarrasing amount of time to figure out how to move the ship in one direction continuously... >.>

  • Nyveon

    I really liked this game.

    Space management, mechanical skill (never have i tapped the arrow keys faster than when you can start seeing the storm) and strategy. All the small details in the game really add to the experience too. To the point where I don't really have feedback, everything was just really solid. There was a small bug, which is if you had enough items on your ship by the end of the level it would go off the screen, but in the end what matters is the total score so no big deal.

    Really well put together game, very fun to play. Congratulations! :D

  • ceaselessly
    Lv. 8

    Great job on this game! I really enjoyed the way you had to juggle varying challenges: saving the goose, collecting optional treasure, navigating the ship, managing the space on your ship, etc. That really added a lot of dynamic to the gameplay.

    One suggestion I have: it is sometimes difficult to tell where the ship can pass through and where it will get stuck, due to the perspective of the game. Some kind of visual/audible feedback would help avoid this.

    Also, it was possible for the ship to run out of battery in the middle of an empty space between islands, leading me to have to wait until the darkness caught up to restart the level. Adding a grace period for the battery to stay alive until you next make contact with land might help improve the gameplay pacing!

    I played this game on my twitch stream the other night, and really had fun:

    I play your game from around 1:13:50 through about 1:25:35.

    Great work!

    • Kultisti
      Lv. 2

      Thank you so much for the feedback and ofcourse for streaming this <3

      Yes the gaps between islands used to be even smaller but I realised that it was sometimes too difficult to get to the right spot when the storm was just a meter away. Should have made them even wider. The idea of some kind of visual/audio feedback would also be great.

      And thanks for pointing the battery-one, and the others you said on stream out! If I ever continue something like this I'll keep these in mind ^^

  • Allison James

    Quickest time to carpal tunnel ever 😆

    This was really cute and very panicky (in a good way). I loved how much character you got out of such a small pixel count, and it was an extremely unique idea having to keep the "ship" powered up to bring it to new places.

    I'd love to see this kind of gameplay in a bigger game, like Organ Trail but with a constant wall of death moving towards your car so there's more time pressure to keep it working and filled with petrol.

    Great stuff!

  • Riuku
    Lv. 19

    I like the game mechanics! When you greedily fill the boat up to its brims it's like Rush Hour but you also need to drive the game board or your goose buddy dies.

    When the boat was full of stuff, it was often hard to tell which cells were occupied, I guess because of the camera angle. Maybe some see-through grid on the boat would've helped.

    It was pretty easy to soft lock the game. One obvious way is to throw batteries into the void, but also I found what I think is a bug, that I somehow managed to position my boat in a way that I could step off it onto land but couldn't get back. Here's an illustrative digital painting of how I recall it happening:

    The in-game tutorial was nice. It's not a granted feature in a jam game! All in all I liked the game, its great basic game mechanics, the entire goofy mood and general difficulty. The song was a perfect fit for this game, too.

    • Kultisti
      Lv. 2

      Thank you so much for the feedback! And props for finding a bug, didn't find that one myself during the final bughunt :D Gonna fix it post-jam if possible!

      And yes I thought of adding some kind of a see-through grid but due to the evil overlord we call "deadline" I didn't manage to implement it in, sorry :<, but thanks for pointing this out!

  • Deathbreth
    Lv. 11

    MOVE MOVE MOVE!!! This game is so much fun but I can't get passed level 2 lol. You don't know how much time you have until the fog gets there and that adds to the stress.

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    This is a really neat game. The mechanics are unique but also seem quite well thought out. You need to keep stocking up on batteries/keys/bombs which requires you to keep moving between the ship and land. You can store more stuff on your ship but then it makes it hard to move and makes the conveyor belts difficult to operate. Plus there's the extra dimension of trying to save stuff for more points... It's all very interesting. Also, I like being able to pick people up and throw them off the edge. I got 6930 points for what that's worth.

  • Chris

    Pretty awesome game all around, the one complaint I have is those pesky depleted batteries taking up space on the ship but it's part of the challenge.

  • Tero Hannula

    Tämähän oli semmoinen 'hidden gem' :D I loved the game mechanic a lot, how you moved space ship, needed to power up it, and tried to save goose and other things with you. First I didn't understand and just fooled around dropping things to oblivion. But After first time the great wall came, I understood what I needed to do. Music was okay, worked well enough. I had few really tight spots. I see some other possiblities with this idea, and it was good that you brought bombs as new mechanic. This provided other use for battery place.

  • Jakeybobble

    A very unique and interesting idea! I really enjoyed the score mechanic, but had to stop playing because the tap-to-move was a bit too straining to my fingers. Fun either way, and would play again!

  • Giraffe
    Lv. 3

    I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It seemed like a cross between untitled goose game, and baba is you, 2 great games that were made last year. Although the music could be repetitive after a while, playing the same loop over and over again, I felt like it did fit the laid-back theme overall. All in all, solid puzzle game and I got a bang out of it.