Pong Pong Protector

Pong Pong Protector

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Your peaceful kingdom is under attack. You and your brother, both famous Pong Protectors, must use your magic to control the defense paddles. Or... your brother would, if he wasn't a lazy waste of space and too busy sleeping off a hangover! So it is left up to you to control both defense paddles, at the same time. Two sides, one Pong Protector. The legendary Pong Pong Protector is born.

Important things to note -

The paddles work like the old pong games - angle of incident is irrelevant. Hit the paddle in the middle and you'll bounce out perfectly horizontally. The higher you hit above the middle, the more your bounce will be angled up ( upto 45 degrees). This is mirrored below the center too.

Intro text screens are on a 15 second timer which we forgot to remove when we added the click to continue. So .. read fast(ish)!

Apologises in advance - GAME RESTART is bound to "L" because ... it just is. So don't type an L in your name when submitting your score - since it'll restart, and you'll lose your score :<

I'd recommend going for an Active Ability first - Airburst is good!


  • 1/2/3 - Active Abilities
  • ALT+Enter - Toggle Fullscreen
  • M - Toggle Mute
  • Mouse - Everything Else


Thanks for playing the game! Did you find all the hidden easter eggs?!

  • havik - programming - @matthavik
  • auro - art and sound - [@he dun use twitter](https://www.twitter.com/told you no twitter for him)


Coming to a description near you soon!

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  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 63

    https://youtu.be/rOFGbz9-arY video time in 2 parts

  • Fachewachewa

    So good.. The game was pretty good too 😎

    There's only a few small things that bothered me:

    • I think the game needed borders on top and on the bottom, for the UI and also to leave us more range to move the paddles there.
    • The active abilities are way too good, but if you don't have one by the first boss, it's really hard to kill him, while other bosses are trivial once you have your abilities.
    • It's a little weird how paddles stop moving as soon as the ball hit, then how the other one will teleport to your mouse. Couldn't both paddles move at the same time?
    • The music is great, but there's a lack of sfx. The game is super polished but there's not much feedback for when you hit the ball.
    • And I'm not a fan of the timer in the upgrade menu. It's an interesting idea, but maybe let us get a look at everything after the first level?
  • Naxos
    Naxos Naxos Level 7

    Nooo, I was so close to saving the kingdooooom!

    Pretty sweet game!

    Art and UI were quality. Good music. Would've like a sound effect for when the Orb hits a paddle.

    I appreciated the spike and multiball abilities for being able to attack an area, even when my aim was a bit off. The fire was great for some damage over time.

    One thing I kind of wanted, was to be able to upgrade the passives maybe one more time. I barely noticed the 'glue' ability (like a slowdown). And more ANGER would be nice, haha.

    Only other thing that would've been nice is some kind of active or passive ability that helps you aim the ball.

    I definitely feel like this one's a contender. Good luck!

    PS. I uploaded a video of my playthrough

  • Zen00
    Zen00 Zen00 Level 13

    Feels like this almost would have been a good GMTK entry (out of control).

  • baku
    baku baku Level 55 Patron

    Really well polished game, and a cool take on the tower defense genre! Those 9999 gold upgrades randomly sitting in the store are taunting me though >.<

  • Mimpy
    Mimpy Mimpy Level 20

    0/10, the fourth boss wasn't named "Bigger Badder Benner" like they were supposed to be.

    I'm really impressed with the level of polish on this, from the clean effective upgrade menu to the little particle effects indicating your current paddle and the way the enemy health bars flash instead of just instantly updating.

    The ball mechanic is fun and is a fresh way to play pong for sure. It's a little unwieldly at first but you get used to it over time, and that's good. Games with high skill ceilings keep you motivated to improve.

    What I think is missing from this is a higher level of interactivity, right now all the active abilities feel pretty much the same and don't change the way you play. You pretty much just always activate them as soon as possible so that you can use them a second time at the end of the wave. Maybe an ability that curves the ball around your mouse position or something that deals damage where your mouse is pointing would be cool ways to change up the way you play when using an ability.

    In addition, I'm not really sure about the number of levels, since by the end of the second level you will have acquired every upgrade except the secret one. After that it just becomes pretty much the same level over and over with more enemies each time, and you only lose when you forget to refresh your health at the end of the round (totally didn't do that, definitely not speaking from experience).

    Overall, really solid entry. Shame I had to give it a 0 at the beginning of this rant :P

  • Tero Hannula

    This was well done and I liked the graphics, it had ton of content. In beginning of the play I noticed the orcs walk animation is pretty basic, but you don't need anything bigger as in-game you don't have time to notice those legs :D What I was most frustrated at with controlling paddles was how ball behaved taking a hit: It depent on balls position from central of paddle. This ment I couldn't just let the ball deflect from paddle but position it more carefully, which I felt bit hard. I would suggest that ball would deflect just normally (bit like laser from mirror) when paddle is still; and to redirect ball you would move paddle to wanted direction as you hit it.

    Now overall it was well-made and had variety of enemies :) Also cutscenes x)

    Here is video again https://youtu.be/P-r0wmUQe1g?t=6720

  • Chris

    Excellent game with a ton of content I especially liked the hand drawn cut scenes.

  • SirTotallyAverage

    Impressive amount of art and content. All the little touches, like the wizzard making the orb when it misses, make it feel really polished. Well done.

    • Auro Auro
      Level 8

      Very nice to hear and thank you for playing :D

  • Bokonon
    Bokonon Bokonon Level 5

    Wow, this was an amazing game. I had a lot of fun and sunk quite a bit of time into it.

    The gameplay loop is amazing and super fun.

    The only constructive criticism I could offer is that you could make damaging the enemies feel "heavier" either with slight screenshake, sounds, ball slowdown, anything to give the feeling of more weight.

    But again this game was absolutely fantastic.

    • Auro Auro
      Level 8

      Thanks a lot for playing and giving feedback :)

      That is a good point, we may develop the game a bit more and see what we can do with it, so will definitely note that down to add to it :D

  • Happysquared
    Happysquared Happysquared Level 14

    What a really fantastic game. I love the action. It was a lovely twist on the pong game. I just love the whole character and personality of this game. The cutscenes were great. Love the handrawn stuff and the large text. I felt invested in the story and was cheering for the wizard to be the Pong Protector!

    • Auro Auro
      Level 8

      Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for playing! :)

      The cutscenes were Havik's idea lol, wasn't sure how they were going to look in game but nice to hear that you liked them :D

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Thank you!

      We had good fun making this - and ended up doing some 'shortcuts' for things like the cut-scenes - using hand drawn pictures etc due to the time limits, but they ended up just feeling right anyway. Almost like it would be wrong to have them any other way.

      Glad you enjoyed it - I hope you managed to be the Pong Pong Protector! (Two Pongs, because they've gotta do both sides! Technically they're already a Pong Protector.. ..but this is all just details, details :D)

      Thanks again for the lovely feedback!

  • SpritePainter
    SpritePainter SpritePainter Level 17

    This was a truly wonderful experience. The fact that you were able to take what really is one of the first video game experiences and turn it into something that feels so fresh and interesting as a massive achievment. I have very little to criticize in this, apart from wanting more content and polish. The core gameplay is perfect. Great work!

    • Auro Auro
      Level 8

      Thank you for playing and the awesome feedback :D

      It is very reassuring to hear haha, we were a bit stumped by the theme when it was announced so I am glad it turned into something that people seem to enjoy :D

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Thank you so much! We were a little unsure on the whole thing to start with... but just thought we'd see what happens. Was a bit of a shot in the dark really, but pretty happy with the result. Definitely going to add more content and polish and more... things. Everyone likes things.

      Thanks again!

  • spleeN
    spleeN spleeN Level 2

    This game is absolutely fantastic. I took 2nd on the scoreboard (as of the time I'm writing this), and put it into my "Bangers" folder. I seriously hope this game wins you two the jam (even though I have a game in here too, lol), because it is by far the best one I've played.

    Seriously, 10s across the board.

    • Auro Auro
      Level 8

      Hey, thank you so much for playing and the great feedback :D Really glad you enjoyed it!

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Cheers! Really appreciate the comments. The theme threw us off a bit at the start so this idea only came about after a few hours. We were a little worried about it, not sure if it would work, so it's really nice to see comments like this.

      Thanks again! (You're currently third on the leaderboards - so still pretty secure!)

  • Patrick
    Patrick Patrick Level 13

    Love this game, I even made it to the top of the top score board! Great music and art, good fit for the theme :D

    • Auro Auro
      Level 8

      Hehe, thank you for playing! also really glad you enjoyed it, let's see how long you will remain at the top of the leaderboard :D

    • havik havik
      Level 25

      Thank you - and well done getting on the leaderboard! Glad you liked it :)

      • Patrick Patrick
        Level 13

        Well I just aggressively attacked the top of your leaderboard - great game. Honestly, a lot of fun!