• DevLazy
  • 6 months ago
  • 32nd

Kill enemies and collect their energy to grow your plant !

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  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi Level 29

    Nice game! I really liked the animations on the plant, especially how the leaves fell off when the plant took damage.

  • Tydecon Games
    Tydecon Games Tydecon Games Level 17

    This is a really fun little game, quite short lived but it ramps up in difficulty quickly and is easy to play and enjoy, I would like to have seen more levels, some variation, sound effects etc, I hope you continue to develop this as it's got a lot of potential :)

  • Allison James
    Allison James Allison James Level 19

    The underlying idea is great here - I love that your motivation to play also produces the natural difficulty curve by making the taller plant accessible to enemies from more avenues. Finished the game although progress definitely slowed once I had four spawn points to worry about!

    This seemed unfinished perhaps - no music/SFX and mostly unpolished menus/end screen/etc, but it's a great start and I think with work, this could result in a really frenetic arcade game. Great work!

  • PizzaBandit

    It get's intense once the monsters start coming on the second level. I enjoyed it, sound effects would be a nice addition though

  • Team Seguin
    Team Seguin Team Seguin Level 2

    I beat it! First one (out of I think 5?) I have, which also means first one I was wiling to play for long enough. Great job!

  • SwiggityCricket

    Very interesting use of game mechanics + theme to scale difficulty over time. I really thought it was going to be super easy, but I liked the way the game progressed. Could use some polish, some sound, etc. Otherwise good submission.

    • DevLazy DevLazy
      Level 2

      Sadly I didn't had time for those, but thanks for playing :)