• Ternox
  • 6 months ago
  • 13th

Simulator of Japanese businessman on the stock exchange of 80s. Watch how the profit is growing!

Buy stocks, receive dividends, follow the stock price and sell them at the best time.

Control: Mouse for click; Numbers on keyboard for change place.

Updated full version of game will be available on Steam

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  • TibiSoft
    TibiSoft TibiSoft Level 2

    Good game, gfx style fits to 80's. I like this retro stock market simulator. I was just wondering how often my wallet can be stolen and I am called by wrong number. :) I would love to see tan overview about my shares (value, long term change, etc), I beleive in a balanced portfolio! :)

    • Ternox Ternox
      Level 3

      Thanks! I am developing an extended version and there are a lot of charts and diagrams!

  • Ivanbje

    100% ownership of NT, GemuStar and Tomota. Guess I need to start investing in real life, took me 3 years.

    Sucks you in, fun game, looks good, great job

  • Tydecon Games
    Tydecon Games Tydecon Games Level 17

    I did not expect this game to sucker me in as much as it did, this is a really solid entry and amazing how involved it gets! Something that got me was "hey, we heard the stock prices are going to go up", immediatley buys 1000 stocks for that company, stock price then immediatley halves, "Damn it Yoshiroooooo!!!" haha I really liked this one, solid entry. The only improvement I could suggest is a quicker way of buying 100's and 1000's of stocks in the later parts of the game, I hope you develop this game further though! :)

  • GoblinBoy
    GoblinBoy GoblinBoy Level 5

    I see a lot of people talking about a goal but personally I find it more immersive to endlessly feed the bloody gears of capitalism. Overal great little game though! Love the presentation.

  • PizzaBandit

    Invest 100% in Nintendo. Stonks

  • Luke No Further

    Brilliant - I love a good Stonk. I like how a diverse portfolio is encouraged and rewarded - a faithful simulation, and fun too!

    • Ternox Ternox
      Level 3

      Thank you! I'm already working on the full version of the game and adding all the things I didn't have time for jam.

  • Sean Hetsko
    Sean Hetsko Sean Hetsko Level 3

    fun stuff! though a goal would be nice. loved the aesthetic.

    • Ternox Ternox
      Level 3

      You can think that the goal is to buy 100% of all companies :D But in fact, I just didn't have time to make the final goal. But the game is inherently endless.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    gorgeous art and presentation. I think some end goal would have been fun, like you win if you get x amount of money or something. The game is otherwise absolutly lovely.

  • Big Gay Dinosaur

    pretty fun and well made, fits pretty well, i'm bad at it though