Island Grower

Island Grower

  • TibiSoft
  • 6 months ago
  • 46th


You swim towards the only land that is within sight. It is an uninhabited island. You are alone. So you should take care of plants, animals and yourself. To survive and to be able to escape from this island.

How to play?

  • every turn you have 20 movement points (MP)
  • possible actions become available if the circumstances allow it (eg. enough MP, right item in your inventory or any space in your inventory, enough wood, etc)
  • watch your food and water level. If any of it goes to 0 in the night then you will day
  • plant and grow vegetables, fruit trees, raise goats to survive
    • only empty green fields can be planted or to be used for any other purpose.
  • desert and swamp tiles cannot be used. Take water to desert to improve that quicker. Wait for swamp drying.
  • WATER is the basis of everything. Many cases you should manually transport sweet water from river to the map area what you expect to grow. Keep water level on upper-middle position for the best growing
  • check grow status (green) and water level (blue) with the bottom-left small buttons
  • gather small goats in the forest. You have a small chance, so usually You should try more than once
  • collect wood to build StockYard and/or Raft
  • Raft alone is not enough to escape. You need water, vegetables, fruits and meat with you for the long journey. 2 portion for all.

    Good luck! :)

Known issues:

  • You need to have 15pcs of wood to sail with a raft if it is ready, even the button is active with less wood.
  • The environment is too dry, You should water a lot to grow plants and animals. From one side that was a theme of the jam, from the other hand I would balance it in the future.
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  • Tydecon Games
    Tydecon Games Tydecon Games Level 17

    I like the survival game concept, it's not something you see too often but it's a really interesting game, I enjoyed playing it, good job! :)

    • TibiSoft TibiSoft
      Level 2

      Thanks for playing my game, appreciate your feedback.

  • PizzaBandit

    I felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway

    • TibiSoft TibiSoft
      Level 2

      Indeed it is something like that, however I more inspired by the original Robinson Crusoe story :)

  • kris24

    I thought I had everything I needed 56 days in, but I guess I misunderstood something. Got off the island but had to go back, haha. Will try again later when I'm not so sleep-deprived from all weekend long of jamming :D

    • TibiSoft TibiSoft
      Level 2

      Help and hints were put together in the last hour, I will review if I put everything there what is needed to escape. :) Anyway, thanks for playing with this game.

  • Patrick
    Patrick Patrick Level 13

    I got 76 Days in before I croaked! Good entry 😊

    • TibiSoft TibiSoft
      Level 2

      76 days is not bad! :) Thanks for your time to try it out!

      PS.: Just completed my game without cheat (test) codes (which are not part of public version) and it took 156 days to escape. :D