Arrow key + enter for menu WASD/arrow key + point and click movement.

Protect the star from the oncoming wave of enemy's trying to make it explode. The more enemy's hit the star, the bigger it grows, and the less space you have to work with!


  • As im sure this is on everyone's mind, the late entry was due to technical issues with submission durring the time window.
  • As updates beyond submission are not allowed, there were game breaking bugs in the build that I was trying to submit that night.
  • As a post mordem, this was definitely a dumpster fire. At this point the only reason why i'd want to keep it up is as a painful lesson/reminder for the next game jam.

Bug Fixes (on

  • memory leak caused by enemy bullet instances not resolving properly when leaving the viewport.
  • victory condition was about 59 minutes longer than its supposed to be (id10t error)
  • invulnerable player is invulnerable
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  • baku

    Congrats on your first gm48 game, even if it did turn out a little janky, so does everyone's lol

    It's enjoyable enough, until it starts noticably slowing down, and the audio gets all scratchy xD



  • Nyveon

    I was intrigued by this entry because I saw it when it had no description and was named Elliot's Game, thinking it was some sort of ARG hahah.

    I'm very sorry to hear you had so many issue with the development :( Better luck next time! I'd love to see what you can make if things went smoothly :)

  • Mimpy
    Lv. 26

    How did this get entered so much later after the jam ended? I'm a little confused by that.

    Aside from the time of entry, this doesn't seem to relate the theme at all? Perhaps the intention was for the star to grow over time, but it doesn't seem to do anything, and there appears to be a memory leak that makes the game slow down and then eventually freeze after a couple minutes.

    • Elliot
      Lv. 2
      Elliot Developer of Protector of the Galaxy

      2yrs ago

      Hey Mimpy,

      I was having issues with the submission the night of and it took them a little while for support to get back to me on this. Also noticed more than a few bug's after submission so it was one of those "if anything could go wrong, it will" experiences. Naturally, there are no post patches allowed so, although i patched it on itch, it wont be getting updated here.

      The sun does grow after enemys hit it and after x amount it explodes. Thank you for your feedback, I will look into the memory leak.

  • Tydecon Games

    This... uh... this raises more questions than it answers...