Do it fast

Do it fast

  • AlexInCube
  • 2 months ago
  • 34th

Complete as many levels as possible in 1 minute, the levels appear in random order and the game speed increases with each level. Every level you will be told what to do as in Simon Says, but if the screen is red, you have to do the opposite

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  • Jackaroo
    Jackaroo Jackaroo Level 9

    This was fun and very reminiscent of WarioWare. The red screen making you do the reverse of your goal was a nice touch and kept you focused.

    A couple of the games could do with some adjustments. The gather one with the balloons was sometimes impossible due to the random placement of the balloons. Too often there would be one that was just too far away and I had no time to reach it.

    Then the hide one had the opposite issue where it was too predictable. Since the box was in the same spot everytime it was basically impossible to fail. Even the red screen variation didn't pose a problem since it just required you to move left or right a short distance. Having the box start at a random position may have been better for that one.

    The minigames were generally pretty fun overall. The music was fine too. The only thing that really could've benefitted from more time was the graphics since they are pretty simplistic, but really it didn't detract from the game as a whole for me. Great entry.

  • Junction Games

    Very fun game of minigames. Really well done.

  • Ethan Wake
    Ethan Wake Ethan Wake Level 7

    Great concept, very reminiscent of WarioWare. I like the variety of minigames, and the "Simon Says" twist is clever. Might have been helpful to make the instructions for each minigame a bit more noticeable, and the music is very quiet (I honestly thought there was no music at all, until I happened to read one of the comments below and turned my speakers way up). All in all though, it's a solid, fun game. Nice work!

  • adam02oc
    adam02oc adam02oc Level 2

    This is a nice timewaster. It reminded me a lot of Four Second Fury. Art could do with some work, and the controls felt a bit too 'slippery' for my liking, but other than that, this was a pretty cool collection of minigames. Good job!

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 12

    Neat game. I included it in my GM48: Sixty Seconds compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Quentin Van Deutekom

    Fun little minigames too goof around with, it really reminds me of of the Wario Game I had on my DS. The art work leaves something to be desired, not that I can do any better myself. The moment to moment gameplay was fun though, and the reversal screens kept it fresh for longer than I thought. When the speed amps up stuff gets pretty crazy and depending on what task you get it can be very simple or very difficult depending on the precision required when moving.

    The only other thing I would suggest is making the font or tasks a little clearer. I felt I lost some time trying to read instructions when new minigames appeared. As I learned them this became less of an issue though. Lastly maybe a fail state after a certain number of fails, or perhaps just remove time from the timer if we do it wrong. I think with some polish this could be a very addictive game!

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 37

    This is a really neat game and a great use of the theme. It's fun trying to get a good score and I really enjoy how the game escalates as things speed up. The red background for doing the opposite task is a nice twist too. My only complaint is the transition between levels is just a tad long, which harms the pace of the game slightly. Also, the music is very quiet.

  • PizzaBandit

    love it. I actually didn't know you were supposed to do the opposite when the screen is red until after the first time I played it because I didn't pay attention so I was failing at romance which I knew wasn't right. anyways this is a masterpiece and a really good idea for this theme

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous
    • Honestly I nearly didn't try this one because of the art style but I'm glad I did, it's very fun! The art could definitely use some work
    • The game concept is really solid
    • Reminds me of dumb ways to die, with lots of short tasks in rapid succession
    • I found the “Romance” task to be funny, more interesting than "go to".
    • A nice touch that the timer pauses during animations, but means the game lasts way longer than 60 seconds.
    • Layout could use some work (i.e. key word instruction could be huge in the big empty background rather than a tiny word amongst loads of other text at the top)
    • I like how the backgrounds change colour every time so you don't always notice the red background.
    • You can sometimes move even when it’s paused (is this a “”””bug”””” for speed runners?)
    • The spread of what type of level you get seems unbalanced, I got a lot of red collects.
    • What is the white thing you’re supposed to ride. A cloud?
    • It feels like there's no penalty for making a mistake
    • It's a nice touch that the game speeds up over time but sometimes it feels unfair, like right at the end, the 'collect' balloons go away impossibly fast!
    • AlexInCube AlexInCube
      Level 2

      Thanks for such a comprehensive review, I'm not good at drawing, so I couldn't make the game look good. I knew about the bug that at very high speed (4.5+) some things stop working properly, but I couldn't fix it. Each level has a 10% chance, reverse mode has a 50% chance. There used to be no pause before each level at all.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    I liked the game, I found it very enjoyable. The art could use some work. I wish it said how many total levels I've done and kept track of my high score. Also, I could only exit the game via task manager. My high score was 47 levels (92.17%) with a streak of 8 and a speed of 3.55

  • thinker227
    thinker227 thinker227 Level 6

    Actually a pretty fun concept. Like WarioWare except with the twist of sometimes having to do the reverse. With a few more minigames this would be a pretty fun game.